Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life is conspiring to thwart my progress..........

or no matter how hard I try, I seem to always be treading water......

I regret to admit, my Deadbeat Blogger status, remains unchanged,due to circumstances out of my has been a month since I last posted, because my aunt died.

It seems like I have been running on overdrive,
since June 18th. First the coroner, then the funeral home, the priests, the graveyard.....and then the lawyers and the register of wills.....and the estate........papers, things collected over a lifetime...all under my care to resolve, dissolve, distribute.

and silence in my life, where her spirit once roamed.

This is a photo of her beloved backyard sactuary. A place for birds and wildlife to still roam that she created on almost 3 acres of an area that is overburdened with suburban tract homes... it is beautiful with a
creek running through it.....

She lived a long interesting life, she was 88 1/2 years old......and suffered from all kinds of illnesses ....that would have killed most, 20 years earlier.....proving that the will to live is much stronger than medical science. She wanted to die in her own home, and that, she nursing homes for her. Active and independent to the last day of her life. Oh and her name? Jessie P. Falcone....aka Celsimmina Bonpina Paradiso.

My aunt had a really remarkable life, admist her medical problems that plagued her from the time she was a young adult, she never let them stop her from living life. She kept moving and doing until her very last days.

She is a testimony to the strength of the WILL TO LIVE....and that anyone can overcome the trials and tribulations presented by life, if they have the true wish to endure. This was my aunt.

Her life was about knowledge, beauty and art. She was always impecably dressed and poised. Good manners, grammar and education were important to her..... She loved her family.

She loved collecting memorabilia and visiting museums. She was someone that could accomplish anything that she put to her mind.

She was tough as nails, irascible, smart, intelligent, well dressed and there was one way to do anything, HER WAY, the right way...........and she let you know, in no uncertain terms, what her opinion was.

Jessie grew up in Manyunk on Umbria st. She attended roxborough HS. She went to work as a confidential secretary for MR. Mellor, in the insurance industry. She stayed in contact with Mr. Mellors son's throughout her life.

She was very loyal to those that she loved.

She is the last of our maternal aunts........last of her generation of the paradiso family........ and although this is sad, there is joy knowing that she was able to live independent to her last days in her beloved home, filled with all the things and memories she loved so dearly. We will miss them all, her two sisters, sarah, parma....her
mother josephine.........her two aunts Caroline and Mary.

I would like to say I knit through all that I have gone thru this past month, but, I have not had a minute to myself.....

with all the arrangements I had to make.........will be writing more in the coming weeks on Death....grieving and our system of processing death.......of which, I have many thoughts.....spinning around my head.

Wishing you all a lovely summer weekend.....