Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brand Name Discount Kidswear

Well it is almost time for BACK TO SCHOOL shopping that every parent must do, with growing kids. This year it will be even tougher to do with the increased gasoline prices that are weighing so heavily on everyone's budget this year.

But, for the reader's of my blog...and for all their friends and family...I have good news, today I just became a distributor for Magic Kids & Co.,Inc. This is company that is owned by famed designer Issac Mizrahi, so you know they have some really great stuff at bargain basement prices, with his connections.

Yes, it is about time I found a JOB...LOL! In any case, this will be an especially pleasant job, because it has to do with clothing and fashion, which I love.

Basically, I will be marketing to retailers and wholesalers, but they gave me authorization as a New Distributor to offer a deep discount to my friends and family....and as my readers, you fall under friends and family so here goes:

Brand Name Discount Kidswear
50% off Store Prices!

Through this exclusive offer for my blog readers and their friends and family. Click here to go to the website and go to the top of the home page and click log in and to create a your new account.

Fill out the form and where it asks for a discount code enter the following information for extra savings!.......


Once you use this discount code you can access the site anytime after that as my special guest and receive this special discount I am offering direct to you. Feel free to give the discount code to any of your friends. I have received some samples of their products and they are really nice quality for the price.

Go on a shopping spree and save BIG BUCKS with giant closeout, liquidation and bankruptcy offers. Log onto and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

This is their corporate basic mantra : " You will not find higher quality kidwear at lower prices in any department store or wholesale outlet. We have expertly tailored designer fashions, sassy new looks, everything from basic to casual. Our website gives you a priviledged glimpse of children's trends that are as dazzling as they are appealing. AT PRICES YOU WON'T BELIEVE! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to cash in on these terrific values."

The prices are so great, you can buy extra and wholesale them yourselves for some extra pocket money...or buy them and sell them on ebay....

They do take returns and will ship internationally. The discount code above will sign you on as a retail customer so you do not have to buy large quanities of any particular item.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler...or have a charity group....I can offer you an even greater savings if you contact me by email at or you leave your contact information in the comments section of my blog.

Anyway, I was not sure they would let me pass it along to my blog readers, but they said consider this my way of thanking you for reading my blog....and a little bit of help that all parents with kids really can use. It is so expensive raising kids friend was saying you can not do it today, without a two person income stream. So I hope this you some money for STASH ENHANCEMENT....

Wishing you a fabulous day, and please feel free to ask any questions about this opportunity directly to me or post after you have received anything that you have ordered.

Smiles to you,

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Surely the most spectacular Balloon at the 2008
Readington, NJ balloon festival was the Society
for Breast Cancer Reasearch. Two bees holding
hands. Just getting them to stand upright to
let the pilots and passengers into the balloon
baskets was something amazing to witness.

And, they are off....helium pumping through the centers
of their bellies and flames hissing upward....LIFT OFF!

They rise into the sky....but, look at those baskets,
swaying in the wind....glad it wasn't me up there!

Look at them dance so proudly in the sky.......

holding hands in the breast cancer ribbons.

What a site to behold........the things the human mind can conceive and bring to astonishing........ I hope these photos....give hope to Breast Cancer Patients everywhere! I wish all of you wellness of being........and if these bees can can you!

Smiles to you,


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Readington, NJ Balloon Festival 2008

What absolute glee this festival is.....a totally joyful experience to watch the balloons go up....this is the second time, I have had the priviledge to attend this particular festival. One of the largest in our country.

The anticipation on the faces of old and young alike as the helium is pumped into the balloons of all shapes and sizes. It is surprisingly quick.

And then they are off. Baskets filled with people who paid $189 for the priviledge of floating up,up and the beautiful blue skies.

They did have tethered balloon rides for $15 a person....which, would have been more my speed.

I am deathly afraid of heights, but so want to get over that fear to try this out one of these days. I have heard some people say, it is okay for people with height phobia...and others say don't do will be clutching onto the absolute fear.

Perhaps next year, I will get the nerve to at least attempt the tethered ride....I want to know what it feels like to float the blue sky.

I hope you enjoy these photos, I will put more of them up tomorrow. I just love to look at them....they make me smile BIG!

I will put all the bee balloon photos up, tomorrow. This was sponsored by the Society for Breast Cancer was a special co-joined two basket balloon.

The bees were joined at the hands...and it took many people to prepare the balloon for take off. It was one of the last to go up that first evening of the festival...and the largest there.

Fireworks were set off after all the balloons were gone.The evening skies came too fast....and it was all too soon over.

I highly recommend finding a balloon festival and attending, if you have never done it. My companion had never been to a festival this large. Larger festivals are the best....this had to have 80-100 balloons.

The Festival went on all weekend, with music, food, and balloon rides in the morning and the evening. True JOY!

The patterns and colors of the balloons make great inspiration for sweaters, blankets, pillows....Hand dyed yarn pallettes..... Be inspired....and if you are, let me know....that you found that inspiration here.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Day.......



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tatoos for Knitter's........

What a hoot....go here for creative inspiration. Some of
these tatoos are marvelous!

wishing you a great day,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Doll Scarf Commission.........

On Wednesday morning when I sat down at my computer to read my emails, I found an email from a doll enthusiast, inquiring if I would knit a replica scarf for a 12" doll of science fiction character Dr. Who , he enclosed the picture to the left as the model for
the design.

Dr. Who according to Wikpedia, is a Britsh Sci Fi show that began in 1963 and per the Guinness World Records, is apparently the longest running Sci-Fi TV show.

He requested that the scarf be 26" X 1" plus tassels, and that the yarn and stitch size be to gauge of a 12" doll........

I wrote back for more information, such as yarn desired before I could quote a price. Obviously in situations such as this, and being that I handspin yarn and dye it, I offered a wide variety of possibilities, including custom dyeing to match the photo.

In the meantime, it hit me that I had some very fine persian wool needlepoint yarn...and some #0 double point needles...which, are about the same gauge as a needlepoint needle......UGGGGGGGGGGH!!!

It turned out that I had in my stash, courtesy of my now deceased aunt's stash...just the right colors to approximate the photo of Dr. Who that was sent to me....

So I
was able to make the scarf out of vintage needlepoint wool from the 1960's, which is the same time period the show first aired on British TV...... how cool is that? Thank You, Aunt Parma!!!!

One never knows what's it FATE
Especially the Stash the Moths never ATE!

.....So I set about preparing a gauge swatch to send to the doll enthusiast. He approved it and the quoted price.....and away I went at the project.

I had never made any knitted doll this was exciting design project for me.

I had to quote a price, which was
about the same as I would charge for a human scarf. I was not sure that he would accept this, but he did. He tells me it is hard to find a knitter to knit doll scarves at a reasonable price.

Now, I know why....LOL!!!

I would not have done it for less and would probably want a bit more, if I did this in the future. It was really tedious knitting with the #0 needles. I found I was splitting the plys with the very sharp needles, so had to knit very slowly. I was sure I would go blind before I was done. Weaving in the multiple threads took me one and a half hours alone! But, it is done...and is very cool!!!

It took me 10 hours to complete this project from start to completion, not including emails, sample prep and blocking.

The needlepoint yarn, I believe was a good choice, due to its durability and hopefully the doll won't feel itchy....and I really like that the age of the yarn matches the age of the character, Dr.Who first being introduced.

I think it would be worthwhile, if I would ever knit another doll scarf to perhaps use a self striping sock yarn if one could be found with the right colors....or perhaps to dye lace yarn to self strip, that way all the end weaving would be avoided. On the other hand the dye time, would make the price of the project....a lot more expensive.

Please note, the artist's figure doll used to model the Mini Dr. Who scarf, is 18" high as opposed to the actual doll it was made for which, is 12" high.

Dr. Who Replica Doll Scarf Recipe
Here is the recipe for My version of the Dr. Who doll scarf. Using Persian Needlepoint Wool in various colors as desired. Cast on 9 stitches on #0 needles...and start knitting every row: Garter stitch, changing colors to match the photo above, or whenever you feel the need. You may want to use magnifying glasses and you will need very bright light to see the teeny tiny stitches. Remember it is always best to change colors on the front side, but if you want to make small stripes somewhere, for a bit of variety, change a few colors on the wrong side.

So how is your summer going? What are you knitting these days?

I am still plugging away on my UFO Cables and Lace Cardigan. I am almost at the sleeve caps....and then just need to sew it up. I will be happy to get this project off the needles. It is turning out well. It is amazing that this project was started 4 years ago....a UFO with a future. That is something to smile it not?

Wishing you all a wonderful summer day, wherever you may be.......

Smiles to You,