Saturday, July 26, 2008

Readington, NJ Balloon Festival 2008

What absolute glee this festival is.....a totally joyful experience to watch the balloons go up....this is the second time, I have had the priviledge to attend this particular festival. One of the largest in our country.

The anticipation on the faces of old and young alike as the helium is pumped into the balloons of all shapes and sizes. It is surprisingly quick.

And then they are off. Baskets filled with people who paid $189 for the priviledge of floating up,up and the beautiful blue skies.

They did have tethered balloon rides for $15 a person....which, would have been more my speed.

I am deathly afraid of heights, but so want to get over that fear to try this out one of these days. I have heard some people say, it is okay for people with height phobia...and others say don't do will be clutching onto the absolute fear.

Perhaps next year, I will get the nerve to at least attempt the tethered ride....I want to know what it feels like to float the blue sky.

I hope you enjoy these photos, I will put more of them up tomorrow. I just love to look at them....they make me smile BIG!

I will put all the bee balloon photos up, tomorrow. This was sponsored by the Society for Breast Cancer was a special co-joined two basket balloon.

The bees were joined at the hands...and it took many people to prepare the balloon for take off. It was one of the last to go up that first evening of the festival...and the largest there.

Fireworks were set off after all the balloons were gone.The evening skies came too fast....and it was all too soon over.

I highly recommend finding a balloon festival and attending, if you have never done it. My companion had never been to a festival this large. Larger festivals are the best....this had to have 80-100 balloons.

The Festival went on all weekend, with music, food, and balloon rides in the morning and the evening. True JOY!

The patterns and colors of the balloons make great inspiration for sweaters, blankets, pillows....Hand dyed yarn pallettes..... Be inspired....and if you are, let me know....that you found that inspiration here.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Day.......



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