Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Canon SD IS Digital Elph Camera Arrived.........

finally. It was very quick. I never redeemed Amex points before and am really happy with the process. They said expect the camera in 14 days. I ordered it Saturday and it was here by the following Wednesday. This camera is very tiny, not much bigger than my LG Chocolate phone. I love the cherry red color, which is a departure for me, because it is not black or gray. My phone is blue. Very odd, must be going through a color phase in my life.

But, I digress, I have not read through the literature yet, but did load up the new software and took a few pics....and am very happy with the photos and the clarity. I think I like this better than the Canon SD 1000 I had or have lost somewhere in my yarn stash room.....LOL!! It is very easy to use.....even without reading the instructions, which I despise doing.

The LED screen is very large and clear and it also has a viewfinder, which I like. It is very slick, she said with a big fat smile on her face! Great design Canon!!!

And, here are the very first photos.......The first set is of the T-Squared Tank I designed and discussed in the prior post.

If you are interested in purchasing the design recipe for this tank top, please email at . This is modular design and is customizable for all needle sizes and gauges of yarn. The instructions will be sent by email only. The cost for the pattern will be $5 payable by paypal.

And here is a photo of the current design I am working on. I am using Blue Heron Beaded Cotton Rayon yarn, in the colorway DAWN. I love the colors....and yes they do remind me of dawn....they sort of have a bronze sheen. This yarn is from my stash...and I only had 402 yards. I had intended to make another T-squared tank.....and was wondering how it would look with mitered squares....and then the design morphed into something else. Here are some photos of the start.

It is 6 squares wide.....and I am working on the third row of squares.
So far I am happy with the design.

The yarn though seems to be a bit brittle after you cut it, with tufts of
cotton rayon coming off the center base cotton string. I found myself
wondering if it had something to do with the dye used by Blue Heron.

In any case, I want to get back to my project and make some further progress..

Wishing you a wonderful rainy evening of fiber pursuits, if you are living in PA........

Smiles to YOU,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital Camera 12.1Mp ELPH Series RED

Here is the new camera, I just ordered...having still not found mine....
I used credit card points, so it will take 14 days to get it. UGGH!
But, I could not afford to put out $$$'s to replace it.

Here are some details about it, per the Amex website.

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital Camera 12.1Mp ELPH Series RED

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital Camera - Red - 16:9 - 3x Optical Zoom - 4x Digital Zoom - 2.5" Active Matrix TFT Color LCD

Features 3x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, a 2.5" LCD, and HD movie shooting capability. Includes 2GB SD memory card, battery and charger, wrist strap, USB/AV cables, and CD-ROM.
Dimensions: 3-2/5" W x 2-1/5" H x 7/10" D;

It may be the slimmest Digital ELPH Canon has ever created. I liked the reviews I found on

My lost camera is the SD1000 which, I loved..........I miss it so much...

I bet you any amount of money the second the other arrives, the missing camera will be found....LOL!

Finished my T-Squared project, which is a modular tank top with beaded dangles...that I designed. I am happy with the way it turned out, except the color of the yarn is not the best for my complexion......c'est la vie. Will have pics for you as soon as the camera arrives......

Wishing you all a great spring day,

Smiles to You,


Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Stash Swallowed up.......

my digital camera....and after a week and a half I still can not find that camera.

I am crazed. Does it mean the stash does not want to be sold? Does my yarn stash have a life and will of its own? I have tried to pray to every saint that I know, even prayed to the house ghosts to release my camera......retraced my steps, called up friends, hoping they might think of something I did not....NO LUCK!

I am close to giving up and buying a new camera, tonite, which probably means I will find the old(under a year) camera shortly afterwards.....

I hate when I lose important things, it makes me insane. Clearly, THE STASH is a sign of a person with hoarding issues....loss, disposal, etc...are foreign concepts to packrats.

Any suggestions for finding a rogue digital camera, would be appreciated.

On knitting news, I am almost finished my new design. I am tentatively calling it T-Squared. It is a tank top made from modular squares and triangles. I saw it in a dream and woke up and have been working on it incessantly for the last week. All pieces are complete and almost assembled. I would add a photo, but, THE CAMERA GOT SWALLOWED BY MY STASH! UGGGGGGGGH!