Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Stash Swallowed up.......

my digital camera....and after a week and a half I still can not find that camera.

I am crazed. Does it mean the stash does not want to be sold? Does my yarn stash have a life and will of its own? I have tried to pray to every saint that I know, even prayed to the house ghosts to release my camera......retraced my steps, called up friends, hoping they might think of something I did not....NO LUCK!

I am close to giving up and buying a new camera, tonite, which probably means I will find the old(under a year) camera shortly afterwards.....

I hate when I lose important things, it makes me insane. Clearly, THE STASH is a sign of a person with hoarding issues....loss, disposal, etc...are foreign concepts to packrats.

Any suggestions for finding a rogue digital camera, would be appreciated.

On knitting news, I am almost finished my new design. I am tentatively calling it T-Squared. It is a tank top made from modular squares and triangles. I saw it in a dream and woke up and have been working on it incessantly for the last week. All pieces are complete and almost assembled. I would add a photo, but, THE CAMERA GOT SWALLOWED BY MY STASH! UGGGGGGGGH!


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