Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Canon SD IS Digital Elph Camera Arrived.........

finally. It was very quick. I never redeemed Amex points before and am really happy with the process. They said expect the camera in 14 days. I ordered it Saturday and it was here by the following Wednesday. This camera is very tiny, not much bigger than my LG Chocolate phone. I love the cherry red color, which is a departure for me, because it is not black or gray. My phone is blue. Very odd, must be going through a color phase in my life.

But, I digress, I have not read through the literature yet, but did load up the new software and took a few pics....and am very happy with the photos and the clarity. I think I like this better than the Canon SD 1000 I had or have lost somewhere in my yarn stash room.....LOL!! It is very easy to use.....even without reading the instructions, which I despise doing.

The LED screen is very large and clear and it also has a viewfinder, which I like. It is very slick, she said with a big fat smile on her face! Great design Canon!!!

And, here are the very first photos.......The first set is of the T-Squared Tank I designed and discussed in the prior post.

If you are interested in purchasing the design recipe for this tank top, please email at . This is modular design and is customizable for all needle sizes and gauges of yarn. The instructions will be sent by email only. The cost for the pattern will be $5 payable by paypal.

And here is a photo of the current design I am working on. I am using Blue Heron Beaded Cotton Rayon yarn, in the colorway DAWN. I love the colors....and yes they do remind me of dawn....they sort of have a bronze sheen. This yarn is from my stash...and I only had 402 yards. I had intended to make another T-squared tank.....and was wondering how it would look with mitered squares....and then the design morphed into something else. Here are some photos of the start.

It is 6 squares wide.....and I am working on the third row of squares.
So far I am happy with the design.

The yarn though seems to be a bit brittle after you cut it, with tufts of
cotton rayon coming off the center base cotton string. I found myself
wondering if it had something to do with the dye used by Blue Heron.

In any case, I want to get back to my project and make some further progress..

Wishing you a wonderful rainy evening of fiber pursuits, if you are living in PA........

Smiles to YOU,

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