Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's my BIRTHDAY today...........

and I feel I should post something about that auspicious event....other than the fact I started this post at 10 am........and never got further than the first part of this sentence @ 4:45pm. So much for having a relaxing day.......

what did I do?

1)watched my stock charts, but did not make any changes to the portfolio.
2)attempted to sew up a crocheted bra I made, but never got past lining up the three squares.
3) investigated new smart phones in anticipation of my july 2010 new phone day!!!
4) made food for the pups.
5) contemplated making a sourcream pound cake until I realized I was almost out of butter.
6) watched the pre-launch chat on the new shoe money, how to make money on the internet.
7) took off my nail polish and re-painted my nails.
8) spoke to old friends and others bringing birthday wishes.
9) cleaned out my pocket book, which was BIGGGGGGGG!
10) spoke to Skacel about their art felt paper. Which I am very excited about...more to come about this in the future.

AND......about to get dressed to meet UFO boyfriend for B-day dinner....did I actually type that?

Was it a good day?

Yes, so far at 5:11pm.....but, did not have dinner with UFO boyfriend yet???? I definitely, got a lot accomplished, that I had wanted to do for a long time. It is Thursday here at the dogbearplanet and that is learning day....Learn something new. And even though it was my birthday....I learned something new...and that IS MY GOAL this year....every Thursday. I
will write more about that in the future as well.

So I must bid you adieu, as I am late for my shower and a birthday date!!! :-)

Wishing you all a grand evening.......Solar Eclipse tonite.....which, would seem to sort of defeat the purpose......but it is a special transit........affecting love and money partnerships....
Smiles to you,