Wednesday, July 11, 2007

what is the problem with men..............

okay....get your sticks and your fiber....and listen up........MEN are weird...
they can't help it....they JUST ARE!

Just when you think that things are settling down to a nice rhythmic pace...
they always come up with something.........UFO boyfriend sends me an email today....subject: I think I am dying.......

My response........oh brother!!!! LOL!!!

He is apparently sure that he is riddled with cancer....and does not have
long to live. His comment: You are not going to have me for long!!! LOL!!!

My comment: do you think we can take a vacation to see a formula one race...before the end of the year....since you do not have long to live...????
(note: we love formula one grand prix racing and all the drama!!!)

his comment....NO ANSWER!!!

my comment....don't will outlive most of the people on the is people like you that kill all the rest of us...with YOUR ANXIETIES!

This after a weekend of, I am so fat.....and I thought that was my line!!! LOL!!!

When did MEN become so dramatic....and women soooooooooooo SOBER? Can MEN BECOME PRIMA DONNA's? or am I partly to blame for this travesty?

AND, why am I so focused on designing soapsacs? Is that symbolic...of desiring a CLEAN SWEEP!!!! I am wondering this as I finish my second sac....with novelty yarn....which is nearing completion....picture promised...shortly!

Did I mention, someone invited me to Paris for ten days...and I declined! Is this evidence of insanity????

going back to knitting my soapsac II it is the most sane thing in my life today!!!


Monday, July 9, 2007


Here is a photo of the soapsac, I designed and knitted this past week....
my store bought one was disgraceful...and I might
add has been a disgrace for some I consider this
another UFO off my list of things that NEED DOING!!! Yippee!!!

I used one ball of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, 4 ply aran worsted weight, 1 3/4oz/50g,...which is similar to lion brand cotton....NO YARDAGE IS GIVEN on the label.........don't you just hate that!!!

In any case, this was sale yarn found in my stash....cost 50 CENTS!
so....I bought it this is a DOUBLE YIPPEE
for using up some STASH YARN....which, I seriously need to do.

Sorry LYS....but, I must confess, no yarn purchases in the year 2007 to date.......and there will not be, until I empty out my exercise room of
yarn bins, which CAN NOT OCCUR UNTIL THE QUANTITY OF PLASTIC BINS IS REDUCED, drastically....I can not see the equipment...which does have its virtues!!!!

The yarn calls for #7 may adjust this pattern to your own personal soap and needle increasing the stitches, increased for smaller needles/gauge yarn or decreasing the increases for larger needles...your choice. Remember cotton sags when it gets wet.

You also could opt to use wool...which will shrink and felt as it gets wet and soapy, in which case, I suggest your soap sac should be much larger than your soap bar size.

Another suggestion would be an aran weight novelty yarn with bumps...which might have a massaging quality, I am working on one such soapsac, NOW.

I used 4- #3 DPN needles and #3 - 16" circular needles....for the soapsac pictured above.

Here is the knitting recipe:

Cast on to a #3 DPN - 9 stitches using any preferred cast on method. Divide the stitches onto three needles and join.

Row 1 - Knit 2 and knit into the back and front of last stitch - 4 stitches/ needle, repeat from* twice. -12 stitches. place marker.

Row 2 - and all even rows - purl all stitches.

Row 3 - knit 3 and knit into the back and front of last stitch - 5 stitches/ needle, repeat from * twice - 15 stitches

Continue in increasing this manner every other row....until there are 12 stitches on each needle, 36 total...and change to circular needles if you want...or continue with the double points.

Work even in garter stitch pattern until the sac is 5 inches long for extra large soap bar....or till sac is big enough for your soap bar. end with purl row.

next row:
make eyelets for tie....*Knit 1, yarn over, Knit 2 together, repeat from * til end of row.

next row:
purl all stitches and knit 1 in the back and front of last stitch - 37 stitches.

begin lace top pattern (and this is where it is much easier to use the circular needles):

Lace row one: Knit 1, *Yarn over, Knit 4,( slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over k2tog), knit 4, yarn over, knit 1. repeat from * to end of row.

Lace row 2:
purl all stitches.

Repeat these two rows 5 times and bind off loosely.

Darn in ends at top and bottom.

With remaining yarn chain stitch the tie to desire length, leaving some yarn length to thread beads, if desired and pull through eyelet row made.

This makes a great gift when given with a wonderful smelling soap...and can also be used to scent your lingerie drawers.....until use of soap is desired.

2007 copyright Konoponop Designs....for YOUR personal use and gift giving only...enjoy!

Friday, July 6, 2007

GOOD NEWS...besides the fact the SUN has decided to SHOW UP!

There are finally FINISHED OBJECTS to REPORT.... I actually accomplished something beyond removing worms, dead leaves, japanese beetles and rather large brown spiders that decided to take a swim in MY pool....

and....I refurbished the pool net thingey with some old fiberglass screening found in my master bath linen closet...and that, is a bit longer of a story....related to the day I decided that my jacuzzi for two was a waste of space....and should become my papermaking studio...LOL!!!

One benefit of being a pack rat that with a little creativity, I can construct just about anything that I need without ever having to leave HOME!!!! But, I digress......from the point of my post today.....

I finished some STUFF!!!! :~)

First item....UFO boyfriend scarf has been BLOCKED....and is BEEAUTIFUL.....if I have to say so myself.......Here is a photo....of the FO.....with instructions to follow...sometime in the NEAR future..........

Second item....A white cotton trapeze tank from a Knitter's Magazine from several years ago (made w/ Sirdar DK Opium, 58% cotton, 37% acrylic, 5% silk from MY STASH)... which, still needs to be blocked...but, is sewn up and actually fits. It was all knitted and rolled up in a bag waiting to be sewn together, for the last year.....hey, DON'T RUSH ME! It took only an hour....PLUS OR MINUS A YEAR or sew it up

....I was busy starting NEW PROJECTS!!!!!

....and, a photo....of the two
Finally Finished OBJECTS...
hanging out together!!! ;~0

Third item.....I harvested my strawberries this year and made some delectable strawberry jam.

Very easy to do: wash strawberries, add organic sugar and lemon to taste....bring to a boil and spoon into a canning jar or saved and refrigerate....ENJOY!

AND....the most significant of all completed PROJECTS to report....IS, that I finally sat down
and organized all those patterns/ technical information/ inspirational photos printed out from the web into nice notebooks with dividers UNTIL 3AM last evening........I HAVE A FEW INCHES OF FLOOR my office/fiber studio...........YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!

That was big. I truly believe that CLUTTER is a state of mind.....and I am focused on changing
the STATE OF MY 2007.

I also have had a request for some jewelry here are two....they were used for postcards for craft shows..... The first pair of earrings is hand formed Sterling Silver with garnets and glass beads.... the second photo earrings are cast and hand fabricated with onyx drops and an orange red stone whose name escapes me at the moment...and the matching bracelet uses the same stones and was hand fabricated by moi....and I am not sure if they are still in inventory or have been sold....if you are interested email me and I will investigate and
give you a price quote.
AND.... until the Computer Geek arrives on Monday, to figure out what COMCAST did to my computer, when they tried to replace my modem....I have no scanner, no cd, no dvd, no emails prior to JUNE 20th, workable ITUNES library....

Lastly, the bad while I finished two knitting projects, I began two new projects at the pool...because, I just can not resist that old temptation to begin a NEW PROJECT!!!

Two out, Two that progress....or NOT???...I have not decided!!!

A tank top, which I am using taupe cotton and a noro multi colored rayon carry along...and a NEW SoapCloth which I am designing with beige bernat cotton that I found in one of my
unearthed UFO' old bag project that I am never going to finish....but, will FROG this week and it will become a NEW something or other. It is a hopelessly UGLY project...where the yarn just did not suit the design found in Knitter's Magazine 3 years ago.

I will post both the SoapCloth pattern and photo...when it is well as the promised pattern for the ubiquitous UFO BOYFRIEND SCARF....which, by the way drove the clean up of paperwork in my studio....I could not find my pattern design is amazing they were still underneath a pile of papers...and glad to report....was rescued!!!!

Time to go out to the pool...for a bit of a swim....and some sunshine!!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend....filled with at least ONE FINISHED PROJECT.....

Smiles to you,