Monday, July 9, 2007


Here is a photo of the soapsac, I designed and knitted this past week....
my store bought one was disgraceful...and I might
add has been a disgrace for some I consider this
another UFO off my list of things that NEED DOING!!! Yippee!!!

I used one ball of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, 4 ply aran worsted weight, 1 3/4oz/50g,...which is similar to lion brand cotton....NO YARDAGE IS GIVEN on the label.........don't you just hate that!!!

In any case, this was sale yarn found in my stash....cost 50 CENTS!
so....I bought it this is a DOUBLE YIPPEE
for using up some STASH YARN....which, I seriously need to do.

Sorry LYS....but, I must confess, no yarn purchases in the year 2007 to date.......and there will not be, until I empty out my exercise room of
yarn bins, which CAN NOT OCCUR UNTIL THE QUANTITY OF PLASTIC BINS IS REDUCED, drastically....I can not see the equipment...which does have its virtues!!!!

The yarn calls for #7 may adjust this pattern to your own personal soap and needle increasing the stitches, increased for smaller needles/gauge yarn or decreasing the increases for larger needles...your choice. Remember cotton sags when it gets wet.

You also could opt to use wool...which will shrink and felt as it gets wet and soapy, in which case, I suggest your soap sac should be much larger than your soap bar size.

Another suggestion would be an aran weight novelty yarn with bumps...which might have a massaging quality, I am working on one such soapsac, NOW.

I used 4- #3 DPN needles and #3 - 16" circular needles....for the soapsac pictured above.

Here is the knitting recipe:

Cast on to a #3 DPN - 9 stitches using any preferred cast on method. Divide the stitches onto three needles and join.

Row 1 - Knit 2 and knit into the back and front of last stitch - 4 stitches/ needle, repeat from* twice. -12 stitches. place marker.

Row 2 - and all even rows - purl all stitches.

Row 3 - knit 3 and knit into the back and front of last stitch - 5 stitches/ needle, repeat from * twice - 15 stitches

Continue in increasing this manner every other row....until there are 12 stitches on each needle, 36 total...and change to circular needles if you want...or continue with the double points.

Work even in garter stitch pattern until the sac is 5 inches long for extra large soap bar....or till sac is big enough for your soap bar. end with purl row.

next row:
make eyelets for tie....*Knit 1, yarn over, Knit 2 together, repeat from * til end of row.

next row:
purl all stitches and knit 1 in the back and front of last stitch - 37 stitches.

begin lace top pattern (and this is where it is much easier to use the circular needles):

Lace row one: Knit 1, *Yarn over, Knit 4,( slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slip stitch over k2tog), knit 4, yarn over, knit 1. repeat from * to end of row.

Lace row 2:
purl all stitches.

Repeat these two rows 5 times and bind off loosely.

Darn in ends at top and bottom.

With remaining yarn chain stitch the tie to desire length, leaving some yarn length to thread beads, if desired and pull through eyelet row made.

This makes a great gift when given with a wonderful smelling soap...and can also be used to scent your lingerie drawers.....until use of soap is desired.

2007 copyright Konoponop Designs....for YOUR personal use and gift giving only...enjoy!

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