Sunday, July 27, 2008


Surely the most spectacular Balloon at the 2008
Readington, NJ balloon festival was the Society
for Breast Cancer Reasearch. Two bees holding
hands. Just getting them to stand upright to
let the pilots and passengers into the balloon
baskets was something amazing to witness.

And, they are off....helium pumping through the centers
of their bellies and flames hissing upward....LIFT OFF!

They rise into the sky....but, look at those baskets,
swaying in the wind....glad it wasn't me up there!

Look at them dance so proudly in the sky.......

holding hands in the breast cancer ribbons.

What a site to behold........the things the human mind can conceive and bring to astonishing........ I hope these photos....give hope to Breast Cancer Patients everywhere! I wish all of you wellness of being........and if these bees can can you!

Smiles to you,


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