Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They're backkkkkkkk!!!! Fallen LEAVES!

With a vengeance. Where have I been?....ONE WITH MY LEAF VACUUM!!!

How do I love that lawn and garden tool....It is my best pal! I pray for him every day....that he does not die on me, before the end of November....I love him....I even decided to name him. VIRGIL...the leaf vacuum...I would kiss him but, absolutely positively...YUCKKKKKK!

He is one of the best men that I have known.

Without him, I would never have time to knit in the fall....all I would be doing is raking and raking and more raking. The best part is he makes mulch to put around my trees. Leave mulch, is one of the best mulches to use in your garden.

Every morning,I have to remove leaves from the pool, leaves from the pool deck and leaves from the wooden deck. UGGGGGGHHHHH! All I have to say, is if you do not have one get one! Now!

Okay, and then there is my new best find.

...life without UFO boyfriend, DOES HAVE its benefits and may I emphasize.....PLENTY of benefits....but, I have to admit, he was great at trimming high bushes which, I just can't reach. Well today, while I was searching for solutions....since, I am deathly afraid of ladders and heights.I found this....YIPPEE!!!

Guess who ordered one, pronto!today...? MOI!!! how great is this...? You may want one too...what a great invention...and it is cordless. I guess, I just have to admit I am a girl that LOVESSSSSSSS, power tools! No more shredding the power cord with my hedge trimmer...which is a yearly occurence! Just burnt up another one last week.

Now that we got the lawn work out of the way let's talk about knitting. Finished the felted tote bag, finally. It is off the needles and just have to felt it. Made progress on the clapotis scarf, but not real happy with the yarn selection. Oh well, some poor soul will get it for a holiday gift. My sleeves for the cable and lace cardigan are still going, albeit slow. Hopefully, I will have time to focus this weekend, am binding off for the sleeve caps, finally. Then just have to sew it up.

and surprise, surprise, while finishing up the tote bag, I suddenly realized that I was knitting with big yarn and big needles and could take photos while I did it. So I did...and coming soon will be a pictutorial of an I-Cord bind-off. I hope to post that later this week.

Between the leaves and the ebay store decluttering project....I am strapped for time these days! Please check out my ebay store...besides the cool antiques, I am putting up some yarn kits, a swift, a needlepoint kit, caligraphy kit unused and there will be knitting books as well.......so keep checking...my store or sign up for my newsletter there.

gotta run and do ebay postings....

wishing you a great day,
smiles to you,

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