Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 from the USA for FREE ....and IT WORKS!!!

TO WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY season 4 episode one from the US.....This will not be released in the US until January 2014.....You will need to have a UK IP Address. You can also use this site which is completely free to set up a UK vpn account, which someone just told me about. or this site Follow the sites directions to set up your connection, then click on the Downton Abbey link below: and use this zip code SW181AA and you can watch from the US...... I watched last nite twice....the first episode of season 4 is fabulous. You can also use this method to surf UK sites that you otherwise can not reach. I used the link, to connect. The directions were easy even for a techno dummy like myself. VPN also has a Canadian link if you want to watch Canadian TV online. ENJOY!!!

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