Wednesday, May 2, 2007

surprise, surprise, surprise............

blogger and google finally got there stuff together..........and figured out how to fix my old only took them a month and a half to respond..........

does this count as a resolved UFO? Or do I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT THE

meanwhile, UFO boyfriend is back in the fold..........but, the problem is, I am
not happy with the situation, nothing seems to have changed. Why do I still
think it will?

He got his first music if you live in the Philadelphia area....he is
playing two sets on Friday nite at Zesty's in Manyunk, beginning at 9:30pm
....I will be stop by to hear some great jazz and blues. He is a great
musician....I must admit....maybe that is the attraction????

I have been preoccupied thinking about the situation....while I am still sewing
together scrumbles. I am happy to report that all is done except the right
front, which I am now assembling this week. And then, the entire jacket....
it should be done in next week. What a chore. I thought I was closer to being
done than I was.......

I also am busy with spring clean up outside, and it is a nightmare of weeds and
trimming. This was a harsh winter and everything is blooming at a faster
rate than usual.... I am totally exhausted from all this gardening.......I hope
I finish soon!!!

smiles to you,

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