Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am on my WAY....BE READY!!!!

So here I am, getting ready for the NEW HOPE AUTO SHOW...the first day. Here is the vintage car UFO boyfriend is showing...fresh from the restoration body shop.... an Alfa Romeo GTV Alfetta. It is for sale, if any one is interested, inquire here for price and additional details...or come on out to the show today or tomorrow.

His plan is for me to help detail the car when he arrives. He called ahead to let me know this. My plan is to work on my two current knitting projects. My process for getting ready, is to pack both knitting projects, walk the pups,take a shower....and while he is waiting, HE CAN DETAIL HIS OWN CAR!!!! I have knitting to do!

Hopefully by the end of the show, today, at least one project will be finished and ready for photos to show you. I am using blue heron softball cotton for a sleeveless surplice sweater of my own designs. I can not recall the colorway at the moment, but it is beautiful shades of blue green, teal, yellow and blue. It was a joy to knit....very soft. While I was researching possible edgings for the bottom, I came
accross project two........

The second sweater, is a nicki epstein design, with a three bobble cluster edging. The bobble clusters are a project of their own. I have made 8 and have 12 more to go. I decided to make all the clusters first, so that I can have this for my mindless knitting project. The rest is basically stockinette stitch and can be done at traffic lights, bank lines and doctor's offices. I am making this sweater with blue heron beaded cotton in the SAND colorway.

I need to get moving....or my knitting will not get packed....everything else can wait....rightttt????

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