Monday, April 14, 2008

Discount Furbaby Supplies Link for YOU

Here is a link below for discounted Pet supplies. I was shopping around for interceptor and frontline for koko and beluga....yes, it is tick time in the northeast already.

We had our first incident even though the Pet weather report said it was not time yet. I found a tick attached to koko sunday afternoon on her forehead. I got it out by covering it with vaseline and tugging and tugging on it with a tweezers. Unfortunately, it has made an ugly sore on her head. It was not a deer tick and she already has the lyme disease antibodies in her system with no symptoms, but her head was sore for a day or two.

I bought some sentry tick and flea topical treatment, but unfortunately she had a reaction to that Sunday evening, which necessitated an emergency bath...and calls to the sentry hotline. I was not impressed. I am returning the rest of my purchase. Frontline is expensive but, for my dogs there have been no side effects.

Koko had a terrible Sunday and I did too!

Beluga's paper training is coming along well. I am training her using those puppy pads, which are quite expensive. I use as an alternative the depends mats (for incontinent people). They are cheaper and larger and you can get a big box of them at Sam's Club for about $26, which is about the same cost as 25 regular puppy pads. I was interested to find out they make puppy disposable diapers...what will they think of next?

I am also training her to walk on a leash which is going remarkably well. I must admit that last tuesday, I pretty much hit my low point with the training, but, she has made major improvement since then, with very few accidents if any, now. I had forgotten how focused you must be to train a puppy...and how little sleep it involves in the first few weeks.

I am happy that I got the puppy, because she is very good for koko and they are really becoming good friends. Koko was becoming more and more depressed living without Max and I truly was becoming worried that she would die of a broken heart. She is so much more focused and energetic now...which, does my heart good as well.

Smiles to you,

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