Sunday, April 6, 2008

waist shaping calculator

Waist Shaping by Knitting Daily If you have been following knitting daily's waist shaping tutorial they have come up with a calculator to do the work for you. Click on the above link and you will find it.
The basic premise is how to shape boxy sweaters into sweaters custom shaped for your own body....which, is always more flattering, no matter what size you are.

Happy April!.......the daffodils are blooming here, and the trees are showing signs of leaves....and the sweet smells of spring are upon us....go out and enjoy the colors!

We have a new puppy here...finally. Her name is Beluga...since she looks like she put her face is something very black...I figured it may as well be caviar...:-)
She is a just a bit over 3 lbs....but a force to be reckoned with. She has busted out of her gated space three times, and when barricaded, chewed her way through it. :-) She is now safely ensconced in a metal cage....and just waiting for her to bust out of that.

As you can see she has already become fascinated with my yarn....I am knitting her a small coat, as it is still quite chilly for a new pup. She decided to help me with the tension by pulling on the yarn as it was coming out of the ball. I am making the puppy coat out of bulky cotton chenille on size 13 needles. Will snap a shot of her modeling her new duds, when we are done.

Wishing you a wonderful restful spring Sunday....

Smiles to you,

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