Friday, March 28, 2008

Opening an A New Art Business.........

is overwhelming....actually beyond overwhelming. Yesterday, was spent at the lighting store, ordering lighting fixtures. Expensive.

Going to a paint store to select paint chips and chips and chips....Selecting one color is not easy. LOL! Still working on that. Of course everyone wants to give you advice....and you need it, but, it is best to choose what you love. It is your store. Follow your instincts.

Today, I have to purchase a utility sink, for dyeing fibers and doing metal work, in the back work room. Thinking of bringing my spare spinning wheel there as well. I also have to find a Utility light for the back work room. Ugghhhhhhh!

All the walls are up in my store. I will try to take some photos today. We had to change the design a bit, because the sink could not be located where I wanted it.

Then there is the accounting system for the costs. The filings for business license, business insurance, corporate accounts, master charge equipment, computer links, name of business... still undecided, business cards still to be selected....and they are saying things will be complete enough to possibly begin moving my things in by the end of next week....LOL!!!

I see a meltdown in my future. I am doing everything by the seat of my pants at the moment with the hope that everything in my head will come together in the resemble some kind of business with a theme.........besides INSANITY.

Why am I doing this again????

In honor of spring check out this exhibition of knitted plants at Brown University.

Wishing you all a wonderful spring day,did I mention the daffodils are blooming here!!!

smiles to you,

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