Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stitch N' Bitch Bucks County.....

happened last evening....and there were actually three of us that showed up....Four if you count the EX-HUBBIE, who showed up without his KNITTING AGAIN!

We were happily knitting away....and discussing Karen's impending nuptials...when I happened to mention my stepson's wedding planning....and, how he called to inform us that our 1/4th share of his big event was $14,000 and we never agreed to pay for anything....or knew the planning had begun...LOL! I had just mentioned that ultimately our share was weedled down to $7,000 sometime after my EX, exclaimed.....HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND???? FOR WHAT???? I just gave you a $10k graduation gift and a very generous engagement gift and I have your school loans to payoff...

Seems stepson and his fiance, decided to go shopping with everyone's money and just assumed we would gladly pay the bill. We were laughing about it......When the EX showed up out of no where and corroborated my story. My question is, did I subconsciously will him to show up? Is that possible? If so, why didn't my soulmate show up with him?

It was about then that Karen and Jane decided to part, I wish I had. I ended up having two MERLOTS at the grotto with him.......which, helped me immensely. I had a third one when I arrived home. The silver belle right yoke never got finished. I am still working on it.

I had peanut butter and jelly for breakfast and an extra helping of whipped cream in my coffee this morning...I needed it.

The EX inquired about the well-being of UFO Boyfriend,he had bumped into someone UFO had worked with who had been fired and wondered if UFO was okay and still had his JOB....LOL!

I said, "perhaps you can start stalking him....you two have lots in common."

The highlight of the evening, was when I said to the EX-HUBBIE, you never hear what I say....after, he asked me the same question 3 times. He said, yes, I heard everything you said. I did. That is when I said, "so why do you keep asking me the same question over and over? My answer has not changed".....LOL!!! He did not have an answer for that.

He told me he is doing well and does not need to take his meds anymore. I said, how do you know....he said, because I decided this. I said, you are a narcissist...diagnosed, forgive me, you are not the one to decide this alone....hopeless! He also insisted he is no longer obsessive compulsive. I said, well why can't you sit still, why do you have to constantly be moving, that is an anxiety trait. He insisted he just likes to move constantly....he never stopped moving or making noise for the entire 14 years we lived together. My house is so quiet now that he is no longer here. I am broke but, I have silence.

He did inform me that he is doing well financially and making beaucoup bucks again...without any thought to how he devastated my life. Mental illness is devoid of logic or reason. It is best to just listen, nod your head...and hope the discussion is over soon. The two merlots helped me immensely with this.....

He may now be willing to pay me back the $750 he owes me. I hope so.....but, not counting on it!!!!

I got most of my chores done today, which included bill paying, biz phone calls....and tomorrow, I am joining the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. I hear that this is very helpful to new businesses and comes with lots of support which, I will need. I never ran a retail enterprise of my own and am starting to get nervous about it. Some stores have opened...last FRIDAY.

My shop is still under construction, still hoping now to open before JUNE sometime. There is just so much to do....but, much of which, I need to have the construction out of the way first, to get done. I need visuals.

I love the new lingerie store, PRIVE....go check it out. I bought four great pieces there: A matching leather thong, skirt and bustier with red satin ribbons that lace it all up. And another bustier with black and fuschia stitching and fuschia satin ribbons. I love fabulous lingerie, it is a weakness of mine and nice lingerie is hard to find.

The oxygen bar is now open. I tried it out, it was great. The owner also has a very funky clothing store next to it. It has some great tops in it. What I liked most was a line of jewelry that she is carrying....where you put aromatherapy fragrances into the necklace or belly button rings...very different and a product I had never seen before.

The woman next to my store, also has jewelry. She is doing more beading...but had some cool repousse cuffs. She also has lots of hot sauces.

It turned out to be a beautiful spring day today, so I am going to fire up the grill and make some dinner for myself and the two dogbears and work on the Silver Belle right YOKE. I have memorized the pattern which, makes the knitting go fast. I am so curious how the finished sweater will turn out. The construction is unique.

Wishing you all a wonderful spring evening,
smiles to you,

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