Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finished OBJECT....finally!

The Silver Belle Jacket by Debbie Bliss is finito!

Yippee.....I was so worried that this would end up in the UFO heap...but success, I stuck with it and got it done.
I made several modifications to the pattern, that included a longer peplum - 4 extra repeats of the pattern, the yoke in front was made 3/4 of an inch longer and the sleeves were decreased at a slower rate, because I felt they were too wide.

The collar took forever, or at least it felt like it did. I think it helped that a fellow raveler was asking me questions along the way and we sort of finished our Silver Belle's together. I used 4 antiques black glass buttons from my stash, which I really like the look of with the yarn selected. Originally the pattern designated two.

I am really happy with the finished Belle. I can't wait to wear her come fall. The sewing up took almost two full days. It required a lot of careful stitching to match the patterns up from side to side. I realized in the process it is fun to make some projects with cables...I had not done any for awhile.

I think the most helpful thing was finding the excel spreadsheet, that kept the panel patterns organized. I made my own for the sleeves and it made the knitting much easier and checked off each row as it was completed. The project had lots of twists and turns, but, I held it together and it is finished!!!!

Beluga, the puppy helped with the Belle, by being so kind, as to steal the yarn I was using to sew up the Belle. I was intently focused on sewing keeping everything lined up, I did not see her make off with the skein of yarn.

I looked up to get more yarn...and could not find it.... Then it hit me.......BELLLLLLLLLUGA, where are you? Here is how I found her.

I think she is in her adolescence at 5 1/2 months old. She is fairly well house trained at this time...but, she is still having a hard time with the word, "NO". She has been incredibly rebellious all this week. But, she is so very cute, it is hard to get too exasperated with her antics for too long...and besides, she gives very sweet puppy kisses.

My next project is this UFO, I found, started in the Spring of 2004, a Cables and Lace Cardigan
from Vogue Knitting Magazine and I have started to rework it. It took a bit to figure out why I stopped, but after a few frogs....I got down to creating a knitting chart from the written directions...

Yes, me the person who hates to use charts. I think it is the Belle's fault.

I have been working with charts for the better part of this month...and found that it simplified the pattern. It will also help in reversing the pattern for the right front side. It took me several hours, but it has helped it go faster. My goal is at least 24 rows per day. If anyone is interested in the chart, for the small size fronts, please leave a comment with your email address and I will forward you a copy.

The back was already completed. The right side had to be frogged, it got a stain on it, and it would not come out with washing, so I frogged back to the stain and removed it. It is drying out.
I started with the left front fresh, in an attempt to figure out why I stopped this project in the middle of the right front and never finished it. I think the stitch count was wrong for the fronts size small should be 59 stitches instead of the 58 listed.

I am exhausted, it was a very long day...and I still need to finish 6 more rows on my left side, before bedtime.

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday....filled with a few moments for fiberings.....
Smiles to you,

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