Friday, June 6, 2008

Nearly Had a Total and Complete Techno MELTDOWN.....

but....Mr. P called and all this techie stuff was soon forgotten...hope he is looking as good as his voice.....he could be THE ONE! In any case, it is just fun to think he might be.

So last nite at about 5pm I tried to install a chitka premium ad to my blog...I had been putting it off all week, and should have kept putting it off, because it sent my blog in to technical failure, I had two blog titles, no center header, all my font colors disappeared....and luckily or NOT, the verbage remained....

I spent most of the evening trying to figure out what happened. I am dreadful at HTML, who invented that language. Isn't it enough that I have mastered french, a fundamental understanding of spanish and am often very articulate in english?

In any case, after some more attempts this morning....I opted for a new template, new font colors and font. Forgive the color sense, I was limited in my choices by Google. At this point, I am overwhelmed with the technical aspects and decided this is the way it will stay for the moment. If you can't read it as well as the old one, please leave me comments....and I will figure out something...or find someone that CAN figure it out.

The store has been permanently frogged. I made up my mind, I do not want what is going on up at the marketplace in my life. Life is too short, to put yourself in a situation that you know going in, has significant problems. I am a bit depressed by the loss of this opportunity, but am hoping that I find another business project to pique my interests. Otherwise, it is back to work in the financial field...YUCK!

I found a handpaint yarn company for sale, but the asking price is way over reality. I am hoping that the owner will listen to is a possibility. I find myself contemplating my dreams these past few days. What is it I would like the second half of my life to be? What would you like yours to be? If you don't know you will never get there.

UFO boyfriend is still making feeble attempts for contact. I am bouncing his emails. It does not seem to be helping. In his defense, I had a terrible dream about him, having a car accident in the white alfetta, blood was everywhere. After thinking long and hard, I decided to tell him about it via email. He of course, issued a sardonic response. After the weekend, I got an email, YOU WERE RIGHT! He took his white alfetta in and all 4 wheels were extremely, loose. Of course, there was no, THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE! Just more obnoxious emails, he is shooting for negative attention. Why do people do that? You get more bees with honey....

Still trying to decide if I will go to the Italian Car Show on Sunday in Headhouse Square. I have been to it for the last three years. UFO is sure to be there with one of his cars, hence my concern. It is best to avoid, old hangouts that you went to with your ex-significant just serves to make you nostalgic for the past which, is NOT WHERE your future lies. Various experts advise

The Silver Belle Jacket is humming along, near to completion. I am adding more rows to the peplum as I expected would be my desire. Originally I had contemplated 2- 4 row repeats, but have settled on 4 repeats. Both sleeves are finished and pinned together. I like how my sleeves turned out, they are the perfect length. I extended the yoke from 7" to 7 3/4" to accomodate my bustline and it worked well.

So all that remains is the cable columns that the yoke attaches to and knitting the collar and sewing it up. I will feel so much better when it is done and am sure it does not land in the UFO heap. With any luck, the knitting will be finished by the end of this weekend :-)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend....

Smiles to you,

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