Wednesday, November 12, 2008

IT'S FINISHED..................

the lace wrap cardigan from HELL! Which I renamed the UNWRAPPED lace cardigan, since I modified it majorly!!!

I was not happy with the fit, as a wrap boobs were too exposed, plus it was too long waisted for me. So it is now a lace up v-neck sweater that has a loose empire waist baby doll look in the front and fitted in the back.

I had it on today and actually DO like it now. I used a crocheted scallop edging on the neck edge and larger treble stitch crocheted scallop edging on the bottom.

I wove the silk binding ribbon through the bottom edging and through the neck edge scallops. I found the ribbon in my stash which, matched perfectly!!!

Other modifications include, only two stitches used on the body, instead of three. I changed pattern E because I did not like the purl background with all the other knit background stitches. I used the pattern stitch for the middle part of the sleeves for a longer row repeat than suggested and reordered the patterns selected for each sleeve.

I am so happy that this turned into a wearable garment, with all the angst I went through knitting it. Someone did finally post a finished garment on ravelry...and it looks great. She knitted a small and did not have all the problems with the pattern that I did. On the other hand it could have been all the errata I worked out with LISA from vogue before hand. Thank you lisa, for your assistance.
I started the #14 Hooded Pullover in Vogue Winter 2008/2007 by deborah newtown, which is turning out great. No problems so far. Thank you DEBORAH NEWTON for writing a great pattern.

I am using this fabulous yarn Silwood Sensations 50% superfine kid, 25% alpaca, 25 % wool from new zealand. I adore this yarn. If you can find it, buy it!!! Knitting with it is like heaven!!!!

I have about 9 inches done on the body now. I made a stitch pattern chart on excel for the body stitch pattern changes.

If you would like a copy, leave me a message in my blog comments with your email and I will be happy to send it to you. It helps tremendously.

I modified the pattern for a smaller size. I cast on only 118 stitches and hoping to get a 39" bust. The small was incredibly large. I am also using # 8 needles throughout the project....which is working well. I can't wait to finish this one up, it is a real pleasure to knit.

I also finally finished the knitting on the lace cable cardigan from 2004...a former UFO, that is actually near completion. Just need to sew it up and knit the button band and it will be officially removed from the UFO heap. I made a chart for the sleeves which, really helps. If interested...leave comment on my blog.

wishing you all a happy week......
Smiles to YOU,

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