Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Dig Out.....Blizzard of February 10th, 2010

My aching....aching back!!!  I could have dug to china by now..... :-)  I dug dog trenches 7 times, the pathways to my front door, 7 times....the driveway.....once.  Oh my.

I lost 5 large trees, my fence is broken.....and I fear more damage will occur before it all melts....from the weight of the snow.  I could hear the limbs cracking all night long from the weight of the snow.  It was sooooo very beautiful.....but, damaging!  Tomorrow, we will deal with the trees.....thank God, I have a friend here helping me.....or I would not be dug out today.

A train of 3 snow plows attached to big heavy trucks, went back and forth 14 times, before the street was passable for vehicles.  Someone said, we got plowed out first because, of the number of physicians that live on my street.

Just the amount of snow on my SUV, was a massive shovel.....I have not seen snow like this, since surviving the Blizzard of 1978 in Boston, Massachusetts.....  It was much worse, no driving for a week or so and the National Guard was there. 

We got about 18 additional inches on top of the snow from last weekend.  There are walls of snow piles, everywhere you look.  My dogs run through their trenches and are crazed because, they can not see above them. 

It is 4:30 pm, and I have been digging out since 7:30 am this morning!  Nap time :-)

Wishing you a safe, warm winter evening........

Smiles to YOU,

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