Friday, December 7, 2007

Yipes........its.....Chanukah...the Fourth Night....

I love this holiday....I love to light the candles each night....I love it even better, when I am dating someone that actually enjoys giving gifts. Sadly....UFO boyfriend is a total GRINCH!!! He needs to be replaced...does
he not???? He has never even bought me a flower...although, one day last spring, he did pick some beautiful white flowers from a tree for me, which was sweet! and surprised the heck out of me!

Actually, most of my girlfriends are dating men that are selfish and cheap. They are cute and successful, but expect to date a girl for the rest of their lives, without making an investment or a committment. Where are the nice guys? Are you out there, because I know several very attractive women that would be interested.

One of the worst moments of Thanksgiving Day weekend was the single's party at the Buck Hotel, when my girlfriend turned to me and said....where are all the attractive men? I looked around...and I had to agree, there were none. It sort of made me happy to be with UFO boyfriend....but, that was just a moment of INSANITY.

We having been talking about this, since last week and we are working on preparing a list of what we want in a MAN....besides the obvious attributes and equipment :-) Have you ever done this? It makes sense, because before you get upset that you can't find what you want in a man....make sure that , THAT YOU KNOW WHAT you want and it is in the forefront of your mind. We each got that advice from a male FRIEND....and it is good advice.

The next question is where do you meet a good man when you are 50 and over. Trust me is not the answer....or let us just say it is not working for me. I keep getting mail from men that should consider signing up for that Extreme Makeover show. I told one of them the other day, that I did not think we would make a good match, but thank you for taking the time to write to me. It was a very kind and sweet letter.

His response, " sorry, YOU DO NOT THINK!"

Now who wants to date a rude man like that. You can not expect everyone to be attracted to you. Chemistry is a rare and beautiful thing. I told one guy, I went out with who was separated and made nasty comments about his wife, who was the mother of his three children, that when he left this date, he should find any florist and buy at least a dozen bouquets of roses. Find his wife and beg her to take him back. After, child support and alimony, that guy would be lucky to afford a cardboard box to live in....let alone taking a date once a week to mickey D's for dinner. He could not afford to divorce her on his salary.

Match is filled with men, that seem to have financial problems, have young children who will not leave home til they are 72, men who think they are still looking 35 when they are at least 60, men who have not gotten a new outfit since 1976, men who forgot their table manners, men who have never been married...and we know why...LOL!!!, men who are reliving their college frat days, men that think a fun date is sitting in their PJ's and talking to you on the phone all night long and men that are obsessed with younger women.

If you are thinking of divorcing your husband, and he is an okay guy....just not thrilling you lately....think again. Hold on to that good guy....because good guys are hard to find. I sadly, did not have this option.

My ex was real head case.

Where can a nice girl, meet a nice respectful kind man these days? If you kno a good guy for me....please send him my way. I need help, I have been looking for four years and still have not found what I am looking didn't someone write a song with that title?

Wishing you all a very Happy Chanukah filled with eight days of lots of fiber goodies.......
Smiles to you,

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