Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On The 41st Day Before Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me: A Cocktail Ring!

....a title to an advert in my emails this morning.........

"Lydia Courteille 18k White Gold Skull Ring, 7,430 GBP, CLICK PIC FOR MORE INFO " That is $15,351.10

My question is that sticker shock on the the skull ring's face or am I alone in this thought? LOL!!!

If I had a ONE TRUE LOVE, and he spent $15,000 on a ring that looked like this.......well, let's just say....I would advise him, since we are on the subject of skulls...a lobotomy might be the answer... UGGGHHHH!
No offense Lydia Courteille, I am sure that this ring is ART... and could be a gift, some lucky woman receives from her beau....but, UFO boyfriend, in case you are reading this post....THIS IS NOT MY TASTE! or STYLE!!!.....it reminds me of one of those rings we used to get for 25 cents out of the gumball machines when I was growing up.......

Not to mention I am thinking this would be more appropriate for Halloween!!!! I also think it is interesting that the face points to the side, instead of to the public....front. So which, finger would you wear this on...your pointer finger? and when....you were yelling at a staff member? your boss? your significant other?
road rage? LOL!!!

NEXT........so did you survive your family Thanksgiving? Ours is small, since almost everyone on that side of the family is dead.....including the family members that would also start the fighting. And not one of the three cousins had kids....so that end of my family seems to be ending with my generation. It was peaceful, even UFO boyfriend was on "good behavior". His term, not mine. He was on good behavior the entire weekend... so what is up with that????

Friday I had lunch at my favorite restaurant, KELLY's on Lancaster ave. I had the fish and chips as usual. Small menu, but, all the food is good and fresh.

Saturday, I went shopping in New Hope, it was quite nice. While passing the Bucks County Playhouse complex I saw all these big birds flying down and a group of people crowded around...so I had to walk down and look. I think they may be some sort of vultures, not sure....But, what a sight!!!! Some of them were standing there drying off their wings in the sun. If you recognize this bird, let me know what it is....I am curious.

I stopped for a glass of wine at Havana's on main street. They have heaters all over the porch, so you can sit outside on a cold and crisp day. It is nice...although $9 for a glass of pinot noir is a bit pricey, if you ask me. I do not recommend the food at their restaurant, it is just not that good.

Then I went to the New Hope Winery for wine tasting. It was fun, plus they had lots of treats there to sample. I bought red wine biscuits that were absolutely scrumptious and a bottle of their Pennsylvania Chancellor red wine, which was very dry and delicious! They describe it " A Full-bodied robust red with a peppery finish. " I highly recommend this wine at $12.99 a bottle. Then to the Temperance House for my Saturday afternoon $1 hotdog with sauerkraut. You can have any one of their six toppings in any combination for that price. A rare bargain. They also make a great bowl of chili.

I am working on my Nicky Epstein sweater with the three cluster bobbles. The pattern can be found in the book, Knitting on the Edge. If you do not own this book, I highly recommend it as an addition to your knitting library.

I finished the back and am half way done the front. I was knitting like a fiend on Sunday at Barnaby's while watching the Rams give away the game to the Seahawks. They finally won two games....and were winning this game....and then....they blew the tie point one yard from a touchdown! My question is when are they going to fire coach Linehan.....he is amazingly bad.........and no one is doing anything about it!!!!

Stitch n' Bitch in Bucks County is having another knitting meeting at the Starbucks in Newtown, PA, this evening. I started this group in Ravelry....but, all who want to sit, knit and BITCH with us are welcome. We will be there from 7 pm onward. Last week we stayed until 9:30 pm. There were three of us, plus the ex-hubbie decided to sit down with us........why? I just can't figure it out.

He showed up at the Buck Hotel on Wednesday nite....as well, and actually stopped by the table to meet UFO boyfriend and my other friend. Go AWAY....please. My aunt thinks he is stalking me now, that he has nothing monetarily to hold over my head....who knows....but, I find it totally embarrassing! Where is that girlfriend, he left me for, six years ago? Please marry him and keep him busy and out of my hair!!!

I thought contentious divorces meant the ex, went away permanently....and never wanted to speak to you again. How does someone drag you through court, find a judge to "influence", drags you into court constantly on every trumped up charge he can conjure up to run you out of money, for four entire years......, leaves you without alimony, when you have not worked at his insistence for the last 14years....practically has you evicted from your own home and labelled as a "bad housewife" to force you to accept his ridiculous divorce settlement......and after all that, he wants to be warm and fuzzy friends?

I mean cheating and lying during the marriage was not enough for this guy.....he made sure I was drawn and quartered in public....for getting angry when he cheated on me.......LOL!!! ....and may I add for the general public, in case you are contemplating cheating on your spouse....most spouses are going to get very mad...and want a divorce....if they have any dignity left. Just a wee something to consider before, you think you really need to have a one night stand.....with that cutie you just spotted.

Why is it, that the biggest creeps in our society today, get away with "murder"? Is the art of lying more highly prized these days than the truth? I felt like a rape victim in my divorce. My entire life was put on trial...but, the guy that broke the marriage contract's vows, got away scott free! Such is life....it is not always fair....BUT, IT SHOULD BE!!!!

So back to the bobble sweater, I just finished the decreases for the armholes of the front....YIPPEEE!!! That means less stockinette stitches to knit. The best part of the sweater was making the bobbles for the bottom points. The rest is primarily stockinette....so this was my knit in public sweater for the past few months....until, I really made major progress during the Rams game. This sweater has mostly been knit standing in bank lines, doctor's offices and waiting at red lights, while driving. I like the yarn as well, it is blue heron beaded cotton in the colorway called Sand I. It is very soft and nice to knit with on bamboo needles.

....and lastly, this is the soap sac that I made with the bobbly yarn
with high twist that I promised a photo of many, many months ago... So I am a procrastinator....I eventually get it done. I like using this textured yarn, I found on ebay, for the soap sac as it will help slough off all my middle aged dead skin cells....and provide a massage sensation.

I use the first cotton one that I made, each and every day in my shower and it is wearing well and is very soft and thick....but,I wanted to try a new one....

I will let you know how my thoughts on which one of the soap sacs I like better. Find the free pattern here

Tired of typing on this blog, for today. I want to get back to my knitting. I want to finish this sweater, in the next week. I am tired of it...and I am trying really hard not to cast anything new on until I finish at least one project. I have been thinking lately of making a pair of those fingerless mittens for winter blogging. I am searching now for a good pattern and if I do not find one soon....I will make up my own.

Wishing you a wonderful fiber filled evening,

Smiles to you,

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