Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Today is World HELLO DAY!

"Held on November 21-World Hello Day started due to the conflicts between Egypt and Israel in 1973. Since then, it has been celebrated by people in about 180 countries! Anyone can participate simply by saying "hello" to 10 strangers. People around the world use the celebration as an opportunity to express their desire for world peace. The activities of the day help send messages to world leaders, showing them how to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts and come to agreements. All it takes is one simple friendly gesture!"

Sometimes, we are all so busy, we forget the smile and send cheer out into our world....and today is the perfect day to see what a difference those two small actions can do to change YOUR WORLD and your own life. Do it!

Please also remember all those that you come into contact with, who are perhaps alone on Thanksgiving Day...consider inviting one of these persons to your Thanksgiving will not be sorry that you did.This is a yearly tradition in my family. It is awful to be alone on a holiday. Your generosity will be returned

Happy Thanksgiving to all......
smiles to you,

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