Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy NEW YEAR.....better late than never, did this month fly by or what? I have been so busy with the holidays
and life, that I have not had a chance to post to, this here, blog.

So what has been going on, here is a list:

1. knitted several gifts for the holidays....and at the last minute....

2. almost got killed in my ford expeditioner, when the brakes failed
promptly after the car was inspected. Nice. If you own a ford,
please go have your brake lines inspected, there is no known
maintenance program for their replacement, per my questioning
of my dealership.

if you do not own a ford truck and see one behind you, pull over and
let it pass, because the brakes could go out at any time , if the brake
lines have not been replaced. Nothing like a near death experience
to help you get your priorities in order.

3. Broke up with UFO boyfriend on xmas day....not that we were having
much of a relationship lately, but the illusion, clearly, gave me something
although, other than a migraine and low self esteem, I am not sure.

For those thinking of ending one of your relationships, you might want
to check this site out.

4. My cousin had a diving accident in the bahamas, I am his medical proxy...
the medical drama went on for 10 days. Please if you are reading this post
get your affairs in order. Will, living will, notebook filled with relevant
information for your beneficiaries, safety deposit keys, bank accounts,
insurance policies....etc. I still have not done this myself, but it is very
much on my mind.

Accidents happen. If you care about your loved ones you will help
make this sort of situaion, even easier on them.....because it is quite stressful.

I am happy to say, the coz came out of his coma, but is still struggling
with pneumonia....and is back in the hospital since last Thursday. I wish
him well and am praying for him....

5. My aunt ended up in the hospital last week as well. I am also her
medical proxy. Needless to say, being responsible for two people
at the same time, was a bit overwhelming. She went home yesterday.

6. knitting content....I finished my nicky epstein photos
taken. I like it but, the shoulders are too big. I am working on a
ribbed summer sweater with that blue heron cotton beaded yarn
in the colorway called seaweed. no UFO's have been completed.
I am focused on doing one project at a time. I feel good about
this change.

7. You can make free lance money from your photos here...

wishing you a great and fabulous evening,
smiles to you,

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