Monday, January 28, 2008

I would rather Be home KNITTING!.... and Other Musings.......

well it was another banner weekend, on the cyber dating circuit......a friday nite date that showed up for dinner and drinks wearing jeans and those white, white, white...the kind that glow in the dark, sneakers.......or cross if that makes wearing them on a Friday evening out to dinner with a girl you are trying to impress...seem more sophisticated....or is the thought for a guy, plausible?

I thought white shoes were only worn on the tennis court, gym....or after memorial day????

Then there was me, nice black above the knee dress, black stockings, and heels.....OOps....think lady and the tramp..........okay, so we still have possibilities....I mean they hit it off did they not? He was nice and funny, until we got to the part where he was engaged....and they broke it off, and she was mad because she wanted to keep the ring.....but, don't worry, I GOT IT BACK!!!!

ladies, ladies, ladies..........what are you going to do with that ring????? Wear it? Did you get engaged for the RING or the GUY?

But it gets better.......I got to wondering what he was going to do with it.... So I figured I would ask....

Soooooooo, I said, what are you going to do with it, sell it? No, I threw it in a drawer.....and? then, it just slipped out of my red lips......I hope you are not going to give that to some unsuspecting woman.....are YOU???? He said, yeah, well I would, but, today women want to pick out rings themselves.........and I am thinking, he has been through this before.....

My next question was, what if she finds out, three years after you marry her, that her ring, that she BELIEVES, that you selected JUST FOR HER.....was selected BY the previous fiance.....and you just figured, it would be fine for the replacement....fiance?

and his excuse, as he shrugs his shoulders, thinking, I wanted to get engaged....I needed an engagement ring to do that...and voila, there was that old one in my drawer, that no one was using..... PROBLEM SOLVED .....with minimum amount of effort and NO effect on CURRENT CASH FLOW..... GEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ!

I wonder how many guys pawn off diamonds from their ex's onto their new girls?

I even solicited a few opinions from the gallery (bar)....on the subject matter....all of which, felt this was not a good idea.......including some men....

It was at this point, I was sure, that I would rather be home knitting alone....fantasizing about a Friday nite date......and still believing in potential least I would eventually end up with something of

Now, what did Smokey the Bear say," it only takes ONE MATCH, to burn down an entire FOREST?" or months and months of courting a woman.....she finally falls for you, and you give her some ring that another woman selected for herself???? it worth it??????

Why is it when relationships end, the guy is usually counting up the bucks he spent and trying to get the gifts he gave back? Does money spent represent love expended to men?

What happened to romance........? I always want to say, how's your heart doing? How long did it take for you to get over her? Did you? Or are you really saving the ring, thinking, she will be back......when she realizes, that she had it pretty good with me?

Have we become so jaded in today's world where the only issue is what material things did we get or expend......and not where we went wrong and whose heart we hurt? How can we grow from this experience?

UFO boyfriend, told me a similar least you got two years of dinners paid for you....that is something......making me wonder, where he was when we were having those or two nights a week.........? or that, it was sheer drudgery to take me to those dinners that HE INVITED me to go to with him........? Is this how a man, defines time wasted, in terms of dollars spent?

Would you rather have slept with your bank book? I think I am getting jaded. There has to be one nice guy out there, who knows what it is to romance a woman.....and enjoys doing it, just for its own intrinsic value....and if it leads to a life time of romance and, that is great...and if it doesn't work out.....well........I had a good time....and was blessed to have her in my life...
as she was to have me in hers....for a time.

One man that looks forward to the future. That wants to build a New life of love....without all the fears and trappings from the past.........where are you ROMEO?

Oh, I forgot you and juliette had a little communication problem that resulted in DEATH....LOL! yuupppppppp....I think I am becoming a little the romance department :-)

I think I will stick to my affair with my yarn stash.... :-)

Happy knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving or whatever else makes your
heart sing.......

Smiles to you,

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