Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ding, Dong.....the CRAZED WOODPECKER is.......


and I did not do it, I swear. You might remember me discussing my issues with this woodpecker that decided my cedar siding was more delectable than the many trees on my property.......read post here, last October 2007 when it was attacking my home mercilessly, each and every morning.

Of course not being a birdwatcher, I did not know what kind of woodpecker it was until, I was curious about the bird found dead under my Japanese fir tree last evening. I went out this morning, with my trusty pooper scooper, to remove the dead bird and noticed the long bill, red tipped head admidst black and white feathers and beautiful yellow feathers under the black wings. I thought this is an unusual bird, the coloring was so beautiful...

of course, I thought to myself, this would make a great dye combination, bright red, bright yellow, off white and black. I started to envision hand dyed yarns named after birds....LOL!!!

So, I came in, and decided to see if I could identify the bird. I googled birds and found a site called WhatBird.com....which makes it very easy to identify birds, for people like me that do not have a clue.

I had no idea it was my nemisis, THE WOODPECKER, until their search came up with a
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Family: PICIDAE otherwise known as Woodpecker. There she was Dead as a Door Nail. I can't say I am sorry.

Rather, I think, it is a sign that some of the pests that have been plaguing my daily existence, The RABBIT, last week....THE WOODPECKER, this week...are on their way out of my life. I now can only hope that this progress will include the algae that has formed in my pool from the thunderstorms this past weekend....the Exs, that seem to have all showed up in my life this summer, the old anger related to said Exs, and that my UFO pile dissipates, eventually.

and then there is my STUFF, that I need to let go. The clutter, things, and effects of my past. I am determined to get rid of all this STUFF. I have opened an ebay store....please take a look at what I am putting up for sale....If you like it please buy it....give it a good home...YOURS!!!!

If you collect anything special, post cards, china, stamps, silver, coins, antiques of any type.... write me in my comments or direct, because trust me, there is something here, that you might have interest. I am attempting to put up at least 50items or more per week. It is slow going because ebay does not make it easy. An auction site should be easy or easier. Too many bells and whistles, I like simple.

Eventually fiber related stuff will go up, a spinning wheel that I have been wanting to sell....a swift, fiber for spinning, and lastly yarn from the way to big stash. I have to clear out this house, in preparation for its going up for sale sometime in February 2009.

wishing you a fabulous summer day......
smiles to you,

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