Sunday, August 10, 2008

Homeopathic Mosquito Bite Aid.........

I have been spraying my backyard with mosquito spray every other day, but,for some reason the bugs this year, just keep coming back. It is tough being outside either in the mornings or evenings, without getting at least a few bites. Its annoying... and most of the antihistamine meds, lotions or sprays offer little in the way of comfort. You wake up in the middle of the night, finally subcumbing to the itch.... and it swells and then it itches more. Such is part of those hazy hot summer days.

Not to mention, certain of us, seem to attract the most mosquito bites. Ever been at an outdoor barbeque, you are smacking your legs like a fool and look around and no one else is squirming the way you are........I am one of those people. Mosquitos have a preference for my blood, if they can get it. I have tried everything I ever read about how to persuade the little creeps to nibble on others legs. Sprays, skin so soft, natural concoctions, taking extra B vitamins, etc. Nothing works.

Until a few years ago, I read that the best way to deal with mosquito bites, was an application of heat, immediately or as soon as possible after you have been biten. A washcloth dipped in hot as you can stand it water, applied until the swelling goes down works. No waking up in the middle of the night, no need to fight the urge to scratch that bite. It works. Something about the heat dissipates the venom in the bite.

I have also steamed wet wash cloths in my microwave, used my morning cup of coffee, a hot stone by the pool put directly on the bite, will dissipate the venom, too.

It is always good to disinfect the bites after this with hydrogen peroxide and then an application of neosporin or some other similar product.

Try this method, it works, amazing well and you will save a fortune, not buying all those antihistamine products that don't work.

As for knitting or fiber content, I have nothing to report, I have been too busy, enjoying the summer, working outdoors chipping branches...and sitting by the pool without the needles. I was almost done the cables and lace sleeves...and just got tired of it. Will pick it up again soon. It is close to be finished.

I read through every message on the mystery shawl, through all the mistakes and frustrations....most members are now done, with lovely shawls to show for their efforts over 5 weeks. I have not started mine, and not sure that I ever will. I do see why these shawls are so popular, a comaraderie is built that keeps everyone working through those last very long completion. This shawl was a pi shawl and to be honest, I am just not sure that I am interested in making one. It is difficult and worn doubled....It seems like double me.

wishing you a wonderful summer sunday,
smiles to you,

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