Sunday, January 25, 2009


this is my life, post ulcer diagnosis.....LOL!


I have tried the pineapple, sparkling grape, cherry, strawberry...and what I realize is jello is like eating air.......flavorful.....but, empty calories...something to stick in your mouth, when you wish you could be eating eggs and bacon......or roast beef.....a wendy's baconator........UGGGGGGGGH!

and I realized my jello is mushy...not firm, when ex-hubby brought me jello snack packs the other day....that JELLO has substance....mine is not FIRM. JELLO CRISIS!!!

What am I doing wrong?????

How am I going to survive this bland diet? Almost every food I love, is not on it. No tomatoes, no grapefruits, no bacon, no salt......NO SALT and pepper!!! No french seafood......NO BERRIES......JUST JELLO.....

Of course, I could be having peanut butter....but, there is unfortunately a salmonella issue at the moment!!!! and I am all out of peanut butter in my pantry.... This could not have come at a worst moment in time.

At least peanut butter and jelly would have gotten me through. How could every jar of peanut butter be contaminated? This seems proposterous to me!

OKAY...... I just took a look see......and found the advice I was given by several well meaning friends and family was not entirely based in fact....THERE IS HOPE!!!

Here is what I found out, dated January 23rd, 2009:

1. The FDA has confirmed that the sources of the outbreak of illnesses caused by Salmonella Typhimurium are peanut butter and peanut paste produced by the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) at its Blakely, Georgia processing plant.

2. None of PCA's products are directly sold to consumers.

3. While investigating,the FDA determined that PCA's peanut products were distributed to more than 70 consignee firms, for use as an ingredient in hundreds of different products, such as cookies, crackers, cereal, candy and ice cream.

4. FDA has created a searchable database for these consignee products, which can be found HERE.

5. The identification of products subject to recall is continuing and this list is updated frequently.

6.Major national brands of jarred peanut butter found in grocery stores are not affected by the PCA recall.

7. King Nut peanut butter is also contaminated.

8. The latest info on the outbreak can be found HERE.

YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!! I am betting on Crazy Richard's Natural Peanut Butter....I bet it is there is HOPE for me getting through this ulcer diet. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY.

It pays to do research....I really thought it odd every peanut butter was suddenly seemed totally ridiculous to me...and it was.

Wishing you a great Sunday......

SMiles to you,

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