Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Snowing in Bucks County.....

it is beautiful. I like big wet snowflakes....especially when I can watch them from my warm office's window.

I bought a new computer, with a large monitor, it was a mistake. Not the large monitor, the NEW.....part. My Ulcer is acting up, being techno deficient as I am....what was I thinking?

My computer was so old 5 years, that I had forgotten what a hassle it was getting a new computer up and running with all the colors, sounds, themes, software, data on your new computer.

For some reason on day 2, I have NO SOUND......checked all the sound drivers, settings, etc...No enlightenment. So will be on the phone with HP, shortly. My scanner or webcam do not work with windows vista.....so will keep my other computer functioning.

It was on its last legs, it kept crashing. It crashes when I try to copy certain info, it crashes if I look at it the wrong way......who knows why, so, I gave up on it..... I miss windows XP....it was so easy.

Vista, is ridiculous, it makes you confirm everything that you do....and then some. Wish I could have XP on this new computer, I would be in heaven.

I love this large wide screen. It is great........and the wireless keyboard and mouse. I hated that mouse wire, it was always getting stuck on something, at the most inoportune moments.

I have learned all sorts of new techno stuff. I had to buy a wireless router to use the other computer and a USB wireless adapter for it. I just installed the adapter, I survived.

Technology stresses me out, it seems to have gotten overly complicated....to the point if you do not have access to a teenager or someone in their 20's....YOU ARE SCREWED!!!

I also bought a thinga majiggy....called a flash drive, as I was advised it was easier to use than the large stack of CD's I was about to purchase to transfer data from old computer to new. Who knew???? I have not gotten the courage yet to try it.......will do that after this post as well.

I knit two rows on this after every techno belch......yes, my sticks and string are keeping me somewhat sane.....during this process....I crave them...I need them for a reality check....knitting is so simple compared to technology.....it affords instant gratification with each stitch. I can touch it, it makes sense, it grounds me.

I cast on the "everyone knows" sweater from knitty- winter 2008, designed by Weaverknits. I am skipping the bind off drop stitch thing. I love the shape of this simple sweater without it. I am using noro kureopatra yarn. I like the way it is turning out so far. I have 7 " done so far.

No UFO progress to report.......too busy with computers and ebay these days and thought maybe a new knitting project would get me moving on the UFO's again as well.

Oh, I almost forgot, UFO BOYFRIEND, heard about my stomach ulcer and showed up with 2 dozen red roses and a beautiful card... 2 weeks later, of course!!!....what IS UP WITH THAT?

He was sweet...you just never know what that guy will come up with....anyway, it was the least he could do, because he is 50% responsible for the stomach ulcer....at minimum and the ex hubby gets credit for the other half.....

Gotta run, to click and ship for ebay, then talk to HP about the sound problem.....and then comcast, I am sure to install the wireless router.....the acid in my stomach is churning just thinking about those trunk lines......but, I will work on the "everyone knows" sweater, and be thinking every one knows technology sucks......and knitting doesn't!!!! ;-)

wishing you a fabulous winter evening,
smiles to you,

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