Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter is officially on my nerves.........

this morning.......

I am tired of being freezing cold. Tired of HUGE heating bills. Tired of wearing boots and heavy coats. Tired of putting doggie booties on the wee pups, whose paws freeze otherwise.
Tired of cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace. Tired of bleak colors and only textures for interest in the landscape...

I NEED A VACATION TO SOMEWHERE VERY WARMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! NOWWWWWWW! Can someone lend me their place in St. Barts or other cushy carribean resort?

Up early to take out the trash, it is frigid cold here, 16 degrees Farenheit.

Had a good week trading in the market and made progress on my "everyone knows" jacket. 11 1/2" completed. I am not doing the bind off holey stitch thing, which is totally not suitable to the winter climate here in pennsylvania. So far, I say, kudos to the designers 'Weaverknits' for a well written and EDITED pattern. Thank you, you make knitting a pleasure.

About to put more stuff on Ebay this morning, please check out my auctions, seller name sheepthrills6 and the link to my store is above. I put some craft books up there and some craft kits this month and lots of MIDCENTURY MODERN ACCESSORIES for your home.

wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
smiles to you,

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