Saturday, February 7, 2009

Noro Yarn has ISSUES that can be repaired.......

If you like noro yarns and use them, then you know they have ISSUES.......The photos are of the Noro Kureopatra yarn that I am using for the 'Everyone Knows' jacket.

Here is a quick fix for solving White spots: Places where the dye did not take to the yarn. This is especially annoying in a dark dye lot.See first image....Before repair.

Use a permanent marker pen or a fabric dye pen, in a color that blends with your dye lot to color in the white spaces. See second image...After repair.
I used purple to cover up the white spots in my 'everyone knows cardigan.
You can do this before you knit the yarn....or a bit faster after it is knitted. You can use several colors or use one. I like to use the large sharper marker, which I have in several colors and lightly brush over the white spots after they are knitted, until I get the depth of color that I am searching.

Fix Two: unspun roving sections:
lightly dampen the area with water or saliva....and roll back and forth in the palms of your hands until the fibers adhere to themselves. The yarn will now not pull apart as you knit.

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