Thursday, April 29, 2010

Craft Couture? Wow!

Buy your very own fendi baguette and make it your own....
with creative needlepoint.  This interests me.  Price tag $995.

Here is what it comes with ( Neiman's description) :

Baguette Needlepoint Kit

Craft couture—this innovative kit has everything you need to make your mark on the signature Fendi baguette. Get silly, get serious, get crafting. The entire bag is your blank canvas.

•Natural fabric bag.

•Golden hardware.

•Adjustable, interchangeable top handles; one fabric and one leather.

•Flap top with magnetic zucca closure.

•Assorted multicolor thread, three design cards, five needles, and three thimbles.

•5"H x 10 1/2"W x 1 3/4"D.

•Made in Italy.

If anyone gets this kits, please link to my I would love to see how this turns out.

Neiman's promoting crafts, what's next a Neiman Marcus Yarn shop???? 

Other KNITTING news:

I like the idea of toe up socks, but, in looking for another pattern, I found that most toe up socks seem to have an issue with the heel any case, I started a new pair last Monday evening,......Overlapping Leaves Toe Up Socks by Lynn Wiemelt.......with the leftover skew yarn  ...........and I love these socks, but after doing an inch of the leg......I am afraid to say, they will end up being frogged, because I am unable to get them on, because the leg is too narrow.....ARGGGGGGH!

I have frogged them back to the heel turn where I have 8 gusset sts on each side......and I am sitting here trying to develop a solution that will work, not really understanding toe up socks, quite yet.  My only experience to date, was a bit in the Skew Socks, by Lana Holden...  ;-)

Currently, I am thinking of knitting the backs in plain stockinette st.......and leaving the extra stitches on the back till I get the sock over my instep.  I have high insteps......but, thin legs , ankles and this does not quite make sense to me yet.

If anyone has any advice for me......other than knit cuff down socks......please, please......comment away.

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