Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes, it is true........I finished the #14 Hooded Pullover by Deborah Newtown in Vogue Winter 2007/2008 Magazine.

Here are the photos....of the back and front. I downsized the
sweater by casting on less stitches and it worked out fine.

I am real happy with the finished sweater. Love the yarn I used
sensations. It is absolutely fabulous to use for knitting. I can not say enough good things about this yarn.

I loved this pattern, it was well written and I did not find any errors, which makes the knitting process, so much more enjoyable. I only cast on 118 sts, so the pullover would not
be so oversized, since I am small. It worked out great.

I followed all the rest of the pattern, from the armholes up

I really liked the center waffle pattern and am considering making a scarf out of this pattern

I am now working on a UFO from 2005, from Spring 2005 Knitter's Magazine. It is called off the grid vest. I may add sleeves. Finished the back and am working on the front, hopefully it will be finished by the end of the weekend.

My next project is already planned........# 26 diagnal rib pullover from the new vogue magazine. I am sticking to my policy, one finished UFO, before any NEW CAST ONS....I did do the gauge sample....LOL!!! I am going to use some blue heron yarn that I got on ebay years ago.

Will post photos of the vest and the pullover this weekend......

Happy knitting to all,
Smiles to you,


Jamie said...

Love love love your Hooded pullover! I just posted my FO on Ravelry. You made an excel chart of the row/patterns? You are a goddess. I want to be your friend forever! A co-worker asked me to knit a version for them and I have to admit I have been stalling because I HATE following all those different lists of what pattern.. The short of it is can I please have a copy that excel file? Is there anything I can do for you in return? You are so awesome!

konoponop designs said...

yes, you can have a copy, but you will need to send me your email addy so I can send you the file.

Purls ... and other lil gems said...

Hello! I would LOVE to have a copy of your spreadsheet for this, please. My e-mail is Thank you in advance!

konoponop designs said...

purls and other gems, I received notice your email addy is not correct, yahoo says you do not have a mail account under this id...please post a good email addy.
thanks, d