Thursday, May 21, 2009

UFO in PROGRESS.........Off the Grid Vest

As promised here are photos of my current UFO project that I am striving to complete. It has been lanquishing in a knitting bag for 3 years waiting to be completed.

The back was partially completed and was finished last weekend. I cast on for the front and I am almost up to the armhole.

The first photo is a close up of the stitch pattern, which is a combination slip stitch, yarn over pattern. It looks much more complicated than it is.

As such it will look much better after blocking.

I am using some Blue Heron Yarn, which I believe is their cotton rayon seed yarn, but I can not really be sure since it was not marked.

I bought it on ebay in the late 90's when they were just starting out. I have a whole bin of their cotton and cotton/rayon yarns. You might say I got a little carried away with my purchases.

In addition to working on this UFO, I could not resist casting on for the #26 Diamond Rib Pullover by Iris Schreier. The pattern is from the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine Spring/Summer 2009. I like several of the patterns in their latest magazine.

This is the first pattern that I am knitting by Schreier, and will give you my comments as I go through it, with respect to accuracy. She has been the subject of many complaints over the years of poorly written instructions with respect to comprehension and errors.

I have cast on with another blue heron cotton/rayon yarn....turquoise, purples and greens. I have done the first 12 rows....not sure yet, whether the yarn is suitable for this pattern as it has lots of bumps in it and may obscure the diagnol rib pattern. I will post a photo, when I get at least 6 " of knitting complete.
Wishing you all a great Memorial Day Weekend...
Smiles to you,

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