Tuesday, April 10, 2007

blogspots bloopers and other musings of the day

I am fairly certain the scarf curse hit the blog itself. It rages on. I have not been able to get onto my dashboard to post for over a week. I have however, been posting regularly to the blogspot HELP line, which should be renamed blogspot lottery, because you have about the same chances to gain any rational, real assistance.

And then it hit me, it might just be easier to set up a new blog....so I did and here it is. I of course have no idea, if the problems of blogger and google will effect this NEW VERSION in the new version blogger....but I hope not. :-)

yes, just one more UFO in my life....my old blog....remains unfinished...but with a good excuse, I can not frog it, acquire assistance in finishing it off....I can NOT even delete it...it may be forever lost in cyberspace, frozen in UFOdom. In any case I was able to copy its old posts, all three, to this new blog. I just hope the curse did not come along?????

So therefore, in my world....april will forever be known as UFO month....and I blame the BF scarf for the entire situation. It is inanimate and will not talk back,(as is BF these days, which is definitely good news for now, silence can be golden!)...but if this blog goes by the wayside like the first one did....there will be no question that it is the BF SCARF curse that is the cause! You think I would have blocked that scarf by now...but NO!

The BF situation is still UFO....and I am considering doing the same thing that I did for the blog episode....just let him be, wherever and find a new BF. what do you think?

knitting news....I am working like a devil to sew all the little parts to my UFO free form jacket and making slow progress. It certainly was not due-able (is that a word?) in a weekend....or a week.....and NO, the scarf is not to blame for this slow progress, just lots of loose ends to tie up and tuck in.

I can not help but exclaiming here....a true analogy for my life at this moment in time. I spent all day yesterday on paperwork and finances....so depressing and never got to the FF piece until late when the lids were dropping and I could not work but for a half hour. I have more paperwork to do and have already spent the morning contemplating reasons to procrastinate further left brain activity for today.....and I came up with, "I don't want to!" DONE! It has waited this long, I mean what's another day????

I am cancelling the JOB interview in outer mongolia, so will have some time to work on the FF project, whose time has come..... and will post about its progress later today...but in the meantime here are some photos of the scrumbles that are being combined. I hope to finish the left sleeve today. The back and right sleeve back are completed.

Here is the URL for the unattainable, cyber unavailable former blogspot... http://konoponopdesigns.blogspot.com/ ....for blogging continium. May it rest peaceful undisturbed in cyber oblivion and not come back to haunt me in the days that come!!!

wishing you all a wonderful smile filled day,

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