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Thursday, March 29, 2007 UFO CURSE is there a cure?

Thursday, March 29, 2007
UFO CURSE is there a cure?

I thought the boyfriend (BF) curse only related to knitted sweaters prior to marriage. Or is that engagement?

....Caution: BF gift scarves can do it too! I did finish that scarf, I wrote about in my October posting...and gave it to THE BF for his birthday, on October 5th, unblocked....hot off the needles.

It still looked good, and it was so incredibly soft. He said, it was nice...but, I could see in his eyes, that he thought a new car was more appropriate or at least a model car.

I took the scarf home to block and because, I am such a big procrastinator...when it comes to blocking...second only to stitching a finished garment and anything else that is boring in life. It never got done. I was busy.

The relationship was going great before that scarf came off my needles. I swear! The first six months were wonderful...........I just know the scarf was to blame....it had to be!

Or do you think it was because I did not block it first, that brought out the boyfriend knitting gift curse?

We broke up three weeks later. I was devastated. Did I block that scarf? Of course not, what was the point? I banished it to the ironing board....maybe I would give it to my brother for Christmas.

Then Thanksgiving came and we started to go out again, we missed each other, could not live without each other.....Did I block that scarf? NO....it sat on the ironing board....waiting for blocking...the final finishing step or was it sitting there to see how the relationship went?

During the six months that followed, our relationship, now consists of breaking up, going out, breaking up, going out.........NO LESS that 5 times. Whilst, I still had mixed feelings about my relationship, why finish that scarf?

Through out, Christmas/Chanukah it sat on that ironing board, we were still getting along...sort of! New Years. January flew by. Valentine's Day past, St Patrick's Day past....and it still sits waiting to be blocked and photographed for this blog....six months later!

Today, while contemplating the futility of THE RELATIONSHIP that seems to go NOWHERE .....and how I detest its limbotic nature...and wondering, why I don't just admit failure and move on to greener pastures and a nice dinner with a handsome stranger, whom I have no history and could possibly be MY WHITE KNIGHT....or at the very least provide pleasant dining company and a laugh or two....

I have decided, our once wonderful relationship has been transformed into a cursed UFO, (Like I need another UFO sitting around in my life! UGGGGGGGGGGH!)......

AND,....for several reasons:

The relationship instructions are vague and incomprehensible for the most part and no clarification is forthcoming from him and I am tired of asking.

I can not fix my mistakes. He does not acknowledge his.

I am too frustrated to finish it (the relationship) off. :-)

I don't think he will ever fit me these days, so why bother working on the relationship.

I am too stressed out at the moment to deal with him or the relationship, I needsomething less complicated to work on.

One or both of us, was never really commitment to the relationship. It was
a fill in.....while waiting for something better to show up.

I am not ready to FROG him out of my life....and move on.....there maystill be possibilities if I let it age for a bit in a dark corner.

Why can't I move on? Why do I continue to live with the UFO's in my life, in my knitting, in my relationships.....Instead of moving on?????

Where do you have them? How many do you have?

When is it time to release that fabulous yarn from a KNITTING UFO...and permit
it to blossom into something better, successful and SOMETHING ELSE....other
than we first dreamed it would be....?

That yarn inspired us at one time. We had a dream of a finished project. What holds
us back. Why can't we let one dream go so we can pursue others?

I wonder, as I type this blog, if I block the scarf, will the boyfriend knitting gift curse be lifted? or will there just be one less UFO in my life? I will let you know....because I am going to block that scarf, before midnight tonight!

My goal this year (and admittedly, I am starting MY YEAR, three months behind most of the free world!) is going to resolve the UFO's in my life....both knitted and otherwise. This is a pattern, that is becoming all too frequent in my life. I feel like I am living on PLANET LIMBO...and something has just got to be done about it.

I am living with far too many UFO's and clutter from my past.....that is just taking up too much space....and too much of my time....and it hinders my progress...

They say clutter is a reflection of the state of your mind. I am wondering are UFO's also a reflection of the state of your mind?

Todays job was: Identifying the problem....UFO INVASION....and a determination to free those numerous tote bags, needles, gadgets, and yarn.....from procrastination and dust....during the next 365 days...

Tomorrow's job: quantify the number of UFO's. I will report and illustrate this dirty little secret. How many UFO's do you have sitting around in your life. Perhaps I will photograph them.

....but first....I think a nice walk is in order....I mean it is spring.....and time
for.....SPRING CLEANING.....out with the old....and in with the NEW!!!

or at least some futile attempt.... before deep procrastination sets in again!!!

smiles to all...........

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