Tuesday, September 4, 2007

best crochet books list

I just started a best crochet books list and a best freeform crochet and knitting books list on amazon.com , feel free to add your own selections to the list. I was a bit dismayed to learn there were lists for knitting books but not for crochet. So I started one. Please post your favorites to the list. You may also vote for your favorites.

Is knitting more popular than crochet? Why is that so? Fashion runway styles would seem to indicate that crochet is more popular. Are knitters just more vocal than crocheters?

What do you think, feel free to post your comments. I have always done both. My preference changes with my mood or the garment that I am creating. Crochet is more sculptural and easier to create garments without patterns and more suited to the freeform working I enjoy.

I continue to work on the nicky epstein scarf. I made two flowers and started the scarf border.

She suggests 47 repeats for the scarf border but, I think that I will do more. I have finished 30 repeats, so far. It seems too short the way the pattern is written. Here are some photos of what I have accomplished thus far.

I am happy with the yarns I selected to substitute. I am using a pale gray berger du nord mohair, from my stash. Sorry, I lost the label. I chose bead colors to coordinate with the yarns, rather than use all crystals suggested. I am also using a few different bead styles, which will add to the interest of the finished scarf. The pale blue flower is angora and the gray flower is llama. I like the look of the angora.

I am working on the scarf and alternately cleaning the master bath. I wish I still had a maid. Cleaning stinks....but the dust was starting to blow around....and there was orange stuff growing on the shower....LOL!!!

My UFO project is lingering. I have not finished any new UFO's but, promise to work on one of them this week. What is it about UFO's that make them so unattractive to finish off. So far everyone that I have finished, I do like. I am starting to believe that my hands just will not work as fast as my attention span lingers. Perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of the scarf. I have finished two scarves last week. Start to finish.

When I think back at all the detailed sweaters I made when I was younger, ONE AT A TIME...I wonder what happened to that goal oriented young woman. Did she disappear or has she just taken a long deserved sabbatical?

wishing you all a wonderful evening,
smiles to you,

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