Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I should be in bed sleeping, BUTTTTTTTTTT......

I have been sleepless ever since I realized how many unfinished projects, I have sitting around. I am annoyed at myself.

The good news....and yes, there is always some....is while, attempting to finish the nicky epstein scarf, I decided I did not like one of the yarns I had first selected, so I went in search of other yarn from the stash and did not find a shade of grey that I liked. What I did find though, was some grey roving that I had carded some years back and never spun...........


guess what I did.......I spun and spun and spun.......and spun some more. I finished 374 yards of spun grey singles from a beautiful coopworth sheep and I found some sorted fleece that was an even better grey and finished carding that up this evening and am in the process of spinning that into singles. I already made 4 more flowers with the sample of the latest singles and am pleased.

I have not spun yarn for quite awhile........and IT FELT GREAT!!! It was incredibly relaxing. If you are a true fiberholic, and you have never spun a fleece....DO IT....learn...it is worth your while.

I also will make up some novelty yarn from the nubs and short hairs that I pulled out of the fleece and already carded it up with some scrap yarn that I chopped up. Will take photos tomorrow.

I also finished another project last night, that has been in the works for a year....old bottles that needed cleaning. I had them soaking so long.....I had forgotten about them. I found them and decided to finish them up. I am happy to report that they are done, except for 8 which, still need more soaking to get really clean. What a relief!!!!

I have decided to be a better working artist, I need to have more self discipline. I am lacking...and suffering from a bit of creative ADD..........my mind works faster than my hands....it is an ever present problem....so I have worked out a deal with myself....to work on UFO's for at least two hours per day, to catch up. I hope I can keep to this schedule. So far I am doing good. I even got some dreaded house work finished this week.

Now, I have to get more disciplined with writing up my patterns. I hate doing that.

I also have been taking some free online courses that american express is sponsoring at
Ilearn. The first course I took was on being a more effective communicator. It was pretty good.

Now I have signed up for a course on web design, since I would like to set up my own website and know nothing about it. This blog has been a big challenge.

Lastly, some inspiration. A friend sent me a photo of his night blooming sirius plant. This is really beautiful. I want one of my own.

wishing you all a wonderfully creative day,
smiles to you,

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