Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Part 2 - Vogue Holiday 2008 - #17 Lace Wrap Cardigan

Okay, I'll admit it.......I have some humble pie to eat....from yesterday's post. The good news is I was not entirely wrong. I got a response from vogue knitting today. Here it is from Lisa Buccellao @ Vogue Knitting:
"There is an error in the RS/WS instructions, beginning with Chart B on the Back. The corrections are copied below:

Vogue Knitting
Holiday '08
#17 Lace Wrap Cardigan
photo on pg 79, instrux beg on pg 113

Beg chart A

…K 3 rows, ending with a WS row.

Beg chart B
Row 1 (RS) P1, work 5-st rep 12 (14, 16, 18, 20) times……..

Armhole Shaping
…K 3 rows, ending with a WS row.

Beg chart C

Delete P 1 row, beg with Row 1 of Chart C.


Beg chart B
Row 1 (RS) P1 (1, 1, 0), work 5-st rep 6 (6, 7, 7, 8) times, end p1 (1, 0, 0, 0)……

The symbol in Chart C is not a double decrease but a single decrease, as the sl st

goes over the 2 knit sts, and these 2 sts are not a k2tog. ----Lisa B"

OOOPS.....and big double OOOPSSSSSSSSS...

I stand corrected. While that symbol looks like a k3 together symbol........IT IS NOT! When I went back to look at it and carefully read it, IT DID SAY, Knit 2.....NOT KNIT TWO TOGETHER.

Turns out I was right about the WS/ RS problem ......even though I finally decided that was my error not Vogue's.... and was wrong about the Chart C error. LOL!!!

I am blaming it all on the banking crisis....and the fact my 2007 tax return is due tomorrow and I have not started to fill out the form! I ran out of extension time! LOL!!! I do this every year...my inner child does not like to do taxes....and there is just no reasoning with her.

I also wrote to Lisa, about the following other questionable issues with this pattern:

1. The right front says use patterns D, B and E. The photo shows Patterns D, A and E were used.

2. The armhole decreases for the fronts....and the back are different. Is this intentional or an error?

For the small size, I did 7 additional decreases to end up with the 12 stitches. 8 times would give me 11 stitches.

3. I also questioned the decreases at the neck edge, which I am concerned are too steep. In the extra small they suggest the last 8 decreases should be done every 4th row instead of every row.

I will await Lisa's response before, I post the solution here.

I did finish the back and the two fronts and decided to block the pieces. I am concerned that the decreases on the front neck edges are so steep they will not even cover my boobs and I would hardly say I am overly endowed!

I am fairly certain both back and front will need to be frogged and started over. Do you believe with all this, I had the guts to start a sleeve, without lisa's further response?I am definitely frogging my Chart C, it is too lacey against the other stitches used.

And another piece of good news out of all this mess.......is that I do like the lace pattern created with my corrected Chart C as described in the October 13th post.......I think I will use it to design a scarf or sweater. It really looks great blocked. very interesting. I wonder if I created a new stitch pattern....is that possible? Or does this have a name?

Here are my further modifications for the sleeves. I just do not like them as they are shown in the photo....so I am using these patterns. For the right sleeve, I am using Chart A first, then C, which I do not have a photo...because I did not read the chart properly, and panicked prematurely. Did I mention that I hate knitting charts? LOL!

and then possibly Chart B.

For the left sleeve, either Chart D or C, then E, A. It differs slightly from their photo. I just think pattern stitch E is too solid next to pattern stitch D. I do not like the look.

Sorry, about the not too good photos, but the best I can do in my blocking room which, does not have good lighting. Also please excuse my foot....I should have at least been wearing a nice pair of handknit socks......LOL!!!

I am determined to finish this sweater, for some reason unbeknowst to me....even though it is a prime candidate for the UFO heap! Wish me luck. Only the left front is dry, the other two parts are still damp. I am sure the armholes are way to deep on the fronts and are going to require frogging. And I am definitely going to frog My Chart C and Do Chart C correctly, now that Lisa, was kind enough to point out my inability to read knitting charts correctly.

Oh and that is another point. These charts are read all rows, left to right. Not left to right, right to left as knitting for dummies suggests. Honestly, there needs to be some standardization of symbols used and method for reading these knitting charts if they are to be useful.

I am going to rename this pattern on ravelry Lace Wrap Cardigan from Hell!

Wishing you a great evening....
Smiles to You,

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