Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The POOL IS CLOSED............

one day later. What a mess, the wind was blowing crazy today. It was cold and damp. The pool was covered in leaves, it took an hour to remove them and just as I finished, the guys arrived and more wind did too. It took three hours to finish it up and get it covered.


No more pulling leaves out of the pool for the rest of 2008!

Summer is officially over, everything has been put away for next year....it always leaves me a bit sad....as I know, it is also means we are now heading into the final days of the downward spiral into darkness. The toughest time of year for me getting through the shorter days with short sunlight hours.

Until the 21st of December, the next 60 or so days are brutal.....til Winter Solstice begins....because from there, each and every day we are one day closer to springtime....and knowing that gets me through the cold but, ever lighter days of the winter months.

Time to light the fires in the fireplaces and sit down and knit, knit and knit some more......

Wishing you all a wonderful fall........evening!
Smiles to you,

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