Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yarn gauge, Wraps per Inch, Yarn substitution, etc...

always make for a hot topic. Especially when you enjoy spinning your own yarns, which I do enjoy when time allows me. So do you spin your yarn for the pattern or adapt a pattern to the yarn you spun? Decisions, decisions....

If you have spun yarn without a project in mind, then the best way to find a project is to determine the wraps per inch. You do this by carefully wrapping the yarn around a ruler making sure the yarn does not overlap and counting the number of wraps that make up an inch.

It is important not to wrap the yarn to tightly or too losely. You can also buy a "Wraps per inch tool" or Yarn Gauge Tool , almost any spinning wheel manufacturer sells them. Mine is from schacht or it was, since I have no idea where is disappeared to...or my spinning hook.....

I found this guide to yarn classifications while reading knitting daily today (if you are not already a subscriber this is a great free newsletter - join up! ), which they credit from their great magazine spin off........you can order a subscription to this magazine if you have interest from the knitting daily site. Liz Gipson wrote a great article about this subject in todays edition to knitting daily. She also mentioned that is a gauge....and is not standard, which I have found to be true. You can find info like this all over the net and in the back of your knitting or crochet magazines....or books....and in a spinning book that you own or buy.

Yarn Style / Wraps per Inch / Gauge stitches/inch / Needle size US / Needle size Metric

Lace / 10plus / 8+ / 00–2 / 2–3 mm

Fingering / 16 / 6–8 / 2–4 / 2.75–3.5mm

Sport / 14 / 5–6 1/2 / 4–6 / 3.5-4.5mm

Worsted / 12 / 4–5 / 7–9 / 4.5–6mm

Bulky / 10 / 3–4 / 10–11 / 6–7.5mm

Very Bulky / 8 or fewer / 2–3 / 13–15 / 8–9mm

So after you use the table above, to select your needles....knit a gauge swatch and choose the needle that gives you the drape of knitted fabric that feels best for the project you have in mind.

You can also use the table to figure out what type of project your yarn would be best suited.

Lately when I am spinning a plain yarn, I tend to make fine singles. I make up the skeins....and if I want a thicker yarn later I can always go back and ply the singles together.

Spinning your own yarn seems to be really becoming more popular, which I think is great. It is one of the most relaxing activities to participate in....and if you have never tried it, think about buying one of the many spindles out there to try your hand at this art. It is not a big investment and even if you do not want to do it ever again.....it will change the way you look at yarn, when you know how it is made.

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