Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Finished OBJECT.........

but, not knitting!

I finished my 2006 tax return yesterday afternoon and put it in the mail........YIPPEEEEE! I do this every year, it seems, I file the extension and then from April 15th to October 15th, I do everything and anything but file that return. I would rather mop floors, sew buttons, make mudpies...anything but, that return! I spend the entire 5 days prior to October 15th, sitting at my desk, trying to get my inner child under control, to no avail....It is in full revolt!

I HATE TAX RETURNS...they are an exercise in obtuse thinking...and all I think of when I do them is when do we get to meet the mind behind these ridiculous calculations...talk about disorganized chaos....give me a break.

The good news is during that week, I always get the most ridiculous chores done in my home....in my procrastination tax return dance. This year, I unpacked several boxes of books, organized two garage shelves, cleaned the floor under the shelves...and threw out lots of trash. I need to have a garage sale....or venture
onto to ebay or some such site...and DIVEST! I am such a pack rat. It is depressing.

I did find two boxes of knitting books...that I had been searching for in this mausoleum. I had been looking for my copy of the the the knitters stash ...for this entire year. I found it. I want to make the felted tote bag in there with some old bulky wool I have that I bought for a sweater 15+ years ago and decided the color was not for me....but would look good as a tote bag.

I washed three down comforters....nightmare job....and broke my left big toe trying to put one of them back into its duvet cover....I got tangled in the king sized cover....don't ask....HOUSEWORK IS A DANGEROUS profession. Last time I broke my right big toe, opening my freezer....when a large 10 lb roast beef fell and crushed my toe. Who knew...and when I got to the emergency ward and had to explain, I learned that most
people break toes during thanksgiving, when they drop a turkey on their foot! LOL! So be forewarned turkey
season is coming soon!

Today, I even sewed on the buttons that fell off of my comforter....5+ years ago! Organized bank statements from the last two years! But, still did not write up my knitting patterns still sitting in a pile of notes on my desk......I just hate paperwork, these days....


I did make this great cantaloupe chutney, I took 3 cantaloupes and chopped them up. added some water 1/4 c, lemon juice 1/4 c and a cup of sugar and let it cook down over low heat. You can stop here and you will have cantaloupe jam, which is delicious. But, I added two slices of red onion, chopped, some dried chile peppers I had, 3....and a shake of cinnamon, nutmeg , garlic and chili powder. YUMMMMMM! It tastes great with any kind of roast...pork, turkey, chicken or beef. Try it.

I am working on a concept bag that I have had in my mind, inspired by the Nicky Epstein Flower Scarf, which I sadly must report is finished except for assembly. Hopefully this week. The bag is going to be made of crocheted free form paisleys each done in various shades of gray. Many of the yarns I selected are natural colored gray hand spun yarn. I am happy with how the paisleys are turning out and I finally have a basic shape of the bag worked out in my mind. I think I am going to use an old cast off belt for the handles if I can figure out how to do that and find those old belts I came across recently.

I found a site that will give you a free store, so I have begun, to set up my store. I know nothing about internet merchandising, so I decided to try the free place first and see how it goes before investing in a more professional set up. There seem to be so many stores, it is hard to believe that most of them make any money. If you have any tips for me, I would be grateful. I will be listing some of my hand spun yarn on the site and some jewelry and finished garments. I will post a link to the shop, when it is ready for an unveiling. Stay tuned...

I found this great quote:

It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work
Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier.
Desiring is helpful, but work and desire are invincible.
--Thomas Robert Gaines

....and speaking of work...click on the above work link....photos of beautiful crochet work and a great essay
on knitting vs. crochet....by Tanis Gray, Yarn Coordinator, Soho Publishing. Well done Tanis!

This is where my focus will be for the end of this year, to work at what I have dreamt....and to complete as many of my unfinished objects as I can.

Wishing you a fabulous day,
smiles to you,

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