Wednesday, October 3, 2007

standing in front of the KNITTING UFO BILLBOARD....

I finished another UFO....and, I am going to go out this minute, before anything else interferes with my day's intent....and take a photo of my new sweater. It is an original design by yours truly. My original plan, of course was altered and that took thought....a project, which I wanted to be a simple mindless design....changed form....because the yarn I selected ran short. I needed a solution...

My first thought was to head out to my LYS and look for another yarn to complete my project, which was compatible. Instead....I faced my dreaded stash...and dug and dug until I found a yarn that was suitable. I then dug through the button overwhelming as, the yarn stash....and found new buttons. I live in a virtual yarn store.

I ripped out the sleeve trim and created a new trim with the new yarn. I worried as I knitted. I worried as I ripped out. I worried and worried and worried....and then it hit art WAS imitating my life. LIGHTBULB moment.........

....and it got me thinking....are the Unfinished objects in our life the result of our inflexibilty and the ANXIETY, our inflexibility causes? Does it really matter if we finish using plan J or P or Z as long as we finish and learn? Perhaps our lives would be more productive if we spent less effort focused on a specific our desires rather than the desires themselves?

Fiber art is comforting and nurturing....we create and we nurture with those the proliferation of UFO fiber projects...a sign that
we knitter's, crocheters, quilters, fiber not nurture ourselves enough.
Is the size of our stash or the number of UFO's in our closet....a wake up call...
that we are not nurturing our own innate creativity???

....we are thinking of doing...anticipating doing....but not believing in what we do sufficiently, to carry our conception, to its completion....????

That, is why we buy the yarns...or spin the the patterns, buy the patterns...get the tools out and begin the journey to create what our minds have conceived.... is it not? so what stops us from completion...and why do we allow the interference with our creative conception....?

Does our inflexibility about our selected route create the belief....that the end result can not be as beautiful or more beautiful than that which only began as a notion in our minds....? does being so involved in a process mean you can never
see your creation's true form....only it's substance?

I am enjoying blogging about my fiber art....and airing my dirty UFO secrets....because within those UFO's lying dormant in my creativity
that I left behind...locked up....and did not exploit to it's fullest possibilities.....

and yes, I am tormented by those UFO's....they are my hidden torment. They represent my repressed repressed dreams....they are an analogy for my life!

So you don't know what to write about on your fiber art blog, Here is my blog tip:

What do your UFO's say about your life? I would love to hear your comments...add them here...or send me the links to where you blog.

And get those UFO's out of your by one...sit them by your desk as
you blog....and write about the emotions and CLARITY....their completion gives to your life. There is wisdom to be found in our discarded share, to aid,
to inspire....others.

We can all use a little helping hand...

Wishing you a day of completion....or at least significant progress...

I am going out to take my photo......will be back later.....promise!

Smiles to You,

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