Thursday, October 4, 2007

fuji formula one 2007 proof of lewis hamilton's violation???

I am a formula one fan...and the big drama today, is that the golden son, lewis hamilton a rookie....could possibly get a penalty before the china race. I am posting it here, because it is not easily found on the net....for all the formula one fans that can not find it. Here it and decide for yourselves...

The race for the championship is tight...and if the FIA gives Hamilton a penalty...which, IMHO they should....this will make an already exciting race,
even more so. The race is on Sunday.

The allegation is that Lewis, a rookie this year....violated Article 40.10 of F1's Regulations, which reads: "The safety car shall be used at least until the leader is behind it and all remaining cars are lined up behind him. Once behind the safety car, the race leader must keep within 5 car lengths of it."

The evidence submitted comes from an amateur videographer, that posted it to YOU TUBE...LOL! Apparently, this was not captured by regular televised footage.

The sport's governing body stated,Hamilton's driving IS under review, with respect to this stipulation. "New evidence has been brought to the steward's attention and they are currently investigating the matter," said the spokesman.

A decision is expected to be made tomorrow, by the FIA.

The internet is alive, with all kinds of conspiracy theories....and many believe lewis is F1's golden boy...and has gotten preferences he has not deserved. I am one of those.

So grab those sticks and string....and watch the race which will be aired 2am sunday morning from shanghai....this sport is better than the best soap operas on tv!!!!

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