Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fiber Musings.........etc.

I am still working on the paisley bag, dilligently. 17 paisleys finished and I need upwards of 40 for the size handbag I would like to create. I still have not decided if I want to felt the paisleys when completed or just fuse them on some stiffer backing when they are sewn together. I did block the paisleys completed.

I have no other fiber progress stories to relate. The UFO's are languishing....and languishing.

Knitting daily is discussing the sad state of affairs of UFO-dom these days. I have enjoyed reading their posts this week.....their first UFO Poll yielded a total of 65,000 UFO's languishing in various states of completion, which they stated is equal to about 7 UFO/ polled participant and represents 130,000 knitting needles! LOL!

My partial list is contained in an earlier post and way above that average. I guess it is time to confess...I need a UFO 12 step program, desperately.
Will this be the start of a new psycho drug aimed at knitters that can not finish what they start....? Or does this just fall under my eyes are bigger than my stomach, my knit capacity, my personal capacity.....or I am just not into finishing what I start?

Should I be more selective in the projects I select? Should I hire someone to finish what I start? I have been knitting since I am four years old, and must admit, I do not like finishing and never did. The sewing together is just not my thing, it is tedious...or the kind of tedium I do not enjoy.

Is this a function of being too curious or possessing a brain that functions for 20 hands, instead of two? Or is there something to be gained from arriving at the destination or am I just a swatcher at heart?

Knitting daily is doing a new poll on why UFO's become UFO's. The results on monday. I am interested to
find out the results on this one, because I believe that it is the symptom of an as yet undiagnosed problem of
mine.....and messes like my UFO mess usually are.

I am working on my store, but have not made much progress, only one item up for sale to start. I find technology sooooooo tedious, and so at odds with fiber pursuits which are soft and comforting and having the feeling that this is going to become one other UFO in my life.

I just set up a yahoo group for women 40+ that are divorced and want to chat about their new lifestyle/status, rants, raves and foibles. I did a search on yahoo and could not find one, which surprised I probably just failed in my search.

It will be interesting to see if I get any members, just through word of mouth. Here is the link if anyone reading my blog is interested in joining or knows of anyone that would like to join this is the subscription addy

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Wishing you all a fiber filled weekend,

Smiles to you,


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